Crocheted Doily Art

Project 40/40 at Fort Bema in Poland  

According to a translation of their blog, project 40/40 is a joint venture between the Bemowo District Office and the Outdoor Art Foundation in Poland.

Fort Bema was built was build near Warsaw in the 19th century by the Russians. For over a hundred years, the barrack at the abandoned Fort Bema have been first Polish street gallery open twenty-four hours a day.

Recently, artists Maniac and NeSpoon installed their own exhibition, combining stencil art and lace doilies.You can check out more great photos on NeSpoon's page. I love the juxtaposition of crocheted lace and abandoned architecture.

If you are in the Warsaw area, you can visit this gallery through May 2012. Just don't forget your boots and bring a flashlight if you venture in at night.

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