Crocheted blanket edging

In which I transform a UFO to an FO, with the help of Harmony Guides:

In a recent enewsletter, I fessed up to creating a great swath of purple fabric that thought it wanted to be a sweater before I stashed it in the Denial Drawer. When I recently unearthed, I saw that what it really wanted to be is a blanket (yeah, it's that big). So I found a complementary yarn and sat down with the Harmony Guides Crochet Edgings & Trims.

I settled upon the Simple Shell Edging, a simple two-row pattern.
I decided to skip the base row of single crochet, since I had a pretty even edge to work on. This meant, though, that I didn't have any base stitches for counting the distance between the shells and single crochets.

Here's how I freelanced the shell directly onto the edge.

After making a shell, angle the hook down so that the edge of the shell touches the edge of the blanket. Make the single crochet just to the left of the shell edge:


For the shell spacing, yo, then angle the hook to the edge of the blanket. The yo is midway between the loop on the hook and the loop you pick up through the fabric. It might look too spaced-apart, but the shell will fill that space:

TaDa! UFO to FO.

Happy crocheting,


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