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Tatiana's Earrings and Cuff

I spent the weekend pleasantly working on gifts. I have several friends with babies due in the coming months, and I am once again attempting an entirely handmade Christmas that. This year I have set a goal to have the gifts finished by the middle of December. Last year it was the middle of March. We've all been there, when the list of gift recipients becomes longer and our crochet time dwindles.

My solution this year is to watch more television. We all have a general idea how long our favorite television program or movie lasts, so I am creating a list of quick and beautiful crochet patterns and categorizing them by how long they take to complete. For an evening I don't feel like watching a movie, I am substituting a book on tape or music playlist.

Projects such as Tatiana's Earrings or Cuff can be whipped up and ready for blocking in about the time it takes to watch your favorite television show. The detailed stitch diagram is especially helpful if you are distracted by a sudden plot twist. And working up quickly in a variety of heavier-weight yarns, the Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear hats are also great one-hour projects.

If you are settling in to watch a fun movie, the simple single crochet Goldilocks Hat is a great option. Another great option are the Betty's Button-Up Mitts. I have a couple pairs of these easy mitts to finish for friends. Each mitt takes about an hour to crochet, and a pair can be finished as you watch your favorite movie.

One of my favorite movies is the Lord of the Rings trilogy-the extended editions, of course. And at about four hours long each, I can fit in plenty of crochet time. Clarence the Monkey, the Campus Field Cap, or multiples of the Goldilocks Family of Hats or Betty's Button-Up Mitts can be marked off of my gift list in an afternoon.

Check out the great accessory patterns in the Crochet Me store. Download your favorites, turn on a great movie, and create heartfelt gifts for friends and family this year.

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Goldilocks Family of Hats  
Betty's Buttom-Up Mitts  
Clarence the Monkey  
Campus Field Cap  

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