Crocheted Accessories: Dressing to Match Your Hat

Have you ever chosen one favorite item of clothing and then selected the remainder of your ensemble around that one piece. This past week I dressed to match a collection of crocheted hats and scarves. You see, we just experienced the coldest week so far this winter. Temperatures that barely crept into the double digits sent me scurrying for my woolens, and alpacas, and cashmere, and silks.

It is this time of year, when the temperatures dip so low it steals your breath and an artistic crochet hat or crochet scarf is ideal both inside and outside the office, that I am especially thankful for crocheted accessories.

And if you dislike the cold and are fortunate enough to live in a warmer environment, a beautiful or quirky handmade accessory might be all you need to ward off a bit of winter chill. When searching for the perfect accessory to build your outfit around, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind.

Pick a pattern with that little something extra. The two-tone floral embellishment and fan stitch border of the 1920s inspired Flapper Hat (above left) adds eye-catching appeal. You could wear this dashing cloche year round, perfect for a light dress in the summer or a tailored jacket in the winter.

Or, if the Flapper Hat is too audacious for your style, try a hat with an interesting texture. The Fancywork Cloche (above right) and the Honeysuckle Hat (at left) both use front post stitches to help create intriguing textures. Work them up in your favorite color or a great neutral that will go with any outfit.

Hats and scarves can also make great single skein projects, the perfect excuse to crochet with that delicious skein of cashmere, alpaca, or other luxury yarn. Try out that special-occasion yarn with the Emma Lace Scarf (at right) or Iced Ascot (below). You can enjoy the soft fabric against your neck while staying stylishly warm.

This season, enjoy the chill and dress to match your hats and scarves while showing off the beautiful designs and fabrics you create. Pick up a copy of Simply Crochet: 22 Stylish Designs for Every Day for eye-catching accessories as well as budget-friendly garments.

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