Crochet Your Own Half-Granny Shawl

One of the most creative and sometimes frustrating aspects of crochet is that there are few set standards. You can insert your hook any place on your work. You don't have to always insert your hook in a beginning chain under a specific strand or two. So how do you learn how to crochet?

When people ask me what project they should learn to crochet with, I usually suggest either a simple single crochet hat or the ever popular granny square. The granny square is much more fun!

Mary Beth Temple explains how to crochet the classic granny square, spending plenty of time to walk you through each step of the process.


  Chain four and slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring. The first chain is the first chain you created; the chain closest to the yarn tail. Insert your hook under two strands to create a more solid join that won't stretch when you work into the ring.

Chain three. In 99.9% of granny squares, remember how I told you that there are few standards, this chain three counts as your first double crochet.

  Work two additional double crochets in the ring for a total of three double crochets. Remember that the beginning chain three counts as your first stitch; this will become important again at the end of the round.

Tip from Mary: Crochet over the top of your tail. This will eliminate the need to weave it in later, and you can just snip it at the end of the round.

  At the end of the round, you will slip stitch in the beginning chain three or first stitch to join. Insert your hook in the third chain (the chain at the top) and slip stitch. This joins the round.

On the second and subsequent, rounds, you will work into the chain three spaces from the previous round. The most common question I hear about this instruction is, "Do I work into the individual chains or around the chains and into the space?" Unless otherwise instructed, work around the chains and into the space. You can try working into the individual chains, but you will get a very different look.


In her newest digital workshop, Mary Beth Temple walks you through the construction of the basic granny square, her own granny square, the granny rectangle, and the granny triangle she uses to create her beautiful Half-Granny Shawl. The pattern for her shawl is included with the workshop. Discover how to crochet the Granny and learn all of Mary's tips and trips. Download Crochet Your Own Half-Granny Shawl with Mary Beth Temple today.

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P.S. Do you have a favorite granny, square, rectangular, or triangle?

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