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Are you a visual learner who wants to try something new? Or perhaps you are looking to take the next step in your crochet, create a sweater with a tailored fit, or try a new crochet stitch. We have created a special sale just for you that includes some of my favorite how-to video workshops.

Which video would you like to watch first?


Top-Down Seamless Crochet with Doris Chan

Make a crochet sweater that is designed to fit your unique curves. By working from the top down, you can try the sweater on as you go, and Doris Chan will walk you through choosing the correct size to fit your shoulders, modifying the bust shaping, waist shaping, and more.

Top-down crochet sweater construction is broken down into easy steps. Doris' explanation of the construction and increase techniques was especially helpful to me. Her simple elucidation helped me find this technique approachable and enticing.


Tunisian Crochet with Dora Ohrenstein

Tunisian crochet combines elements of crochet and knitting and draws attention from both knitters and crocheters when I take it to my local craft night. Tunisian crochet uses a special crochet hook to pick up a loop in each stitch across your row. Each loop is worked off the hook on the return pass.

Tunisian crochet can be worked in beautifully textured dense fabrics that are perfect for warm or full-coverage garments. It can also be used to create lace fabrics with gorgeous drape. I am still exploring the infinite possibilities.



Crochet Sweater Studio Designing Garments that Suit Your Shape with Robyn Chachula

Designing your own crochet sweater is easy and fun. Robyn Chachula discusses the importance of gauge and fiber as well how to choose the perfect silhouette for your body type. I especially love her information on reading stitch diagrams and crochet motifs. Her trick for using sticky notes to design crochet motif sweaters is fun and easy.

You will also love Robyn's stress-free fixes to crochet problems, including hiding messy row ends, how to manage growing fabric, dealing with stiffness, and how to cut and re-crochet when needed.


Unexpected Crochet Stitches for Afghans and Beyond with Robyn Chachula

Mosaic crochet, stripes, embroidery, crochet cables, Tunisian crochet, crochet motifs and so much more. These are all crochet techniques that are popular in afghans. The possibilities are really endless, but Robyn Chachula will introduce you to a wide array of stitches and techniques and show you how to use them to create eye-catching afghans for gifts and your home. There is nothing like curling up for an afternoon nap with a crochet afghan you have made yourself.

Order or download one of these amazing workshop at a special discount for a limited time only.

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