Crochet, Winter 2013

Crochet Nouvean
Lady Sybil Cloche
Brenda K. B. Anderson
Daisy Peplum
Mary Jane Hall
Lady Edith Jacket
Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
Anna Cloche
Janet Brani
Lady Mary Skirt
Doris Chan
The Essential Pullover

Blueberry Popover 2.0
Anastasia Popova

Pluto Pullover
Linda Permann

Dana Cowl Pullover
Beth Nielsen
Wisps of Winter

Ghost Cone Scarf
Sue Perez

Quartz Lace Top
Dora Ohrenstein

Mica Pullover
Kathy Merrick

Vapor Scarf
Dora Ohrenstein
Weekend Retreat

Tip-Top Sweater
Brenda K. B. Anderson

Rist Canyon Shawl
Kathy Merrick

Pinebark Scarf
Laurinda Reddig

Waldo Sweater
Peter Franzi

Fire Whirl Hat
Shelby Allaho

Art Nouveau Bullion Necklace
Donna Kay Lacey

Vickie Howell

Basic Mitten Recipe
Karen Ratto-Whooley


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Yarn Spotlight: Yarn Muffins
by Sharon Zientara

Tiny balls of yarn! Yarn companies have begun packaging their yarns in truffle-like portions, perfect for surface crochet, an edging, a motif, or a quick pom-pom.

Convert Your Cardigan or Pullover
by Linda Permann

Learn how to modify your cardigan pattern to make the perfect pullover or construct your pullover as a great cardigan.
Fishnets and Bra Wires, Oh My!
by Betsy Greer

What have you recycled/upcycled? From fishnet stockings to cassette tapes to underwire from old bras, beautiful crochet can come from any medium.
Tsk! It’s a Tasket
by Vickie Howell

Create a stylish basket for your collection of buttons, hooks, stitch markers, yarn, and more.

Crochet Great Mittens!
by Karen Ratto-Whooley

Learn the math, anatomy, and construction of the ever useful mitten. Then use this knowledge to create your very own mitten designs.

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Learn tips and tricks for getting the perfect gauge!


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