Crochet for the Win – Making of the 2018 Medal Scarf

Knowing how much time I’d spend watching the Winter Games, I knew a crochet project or two would make an appearance. But what project would grace my hook?

That’s when I had a brilliant idea, what if my crochet also represented the games? Something I would treasure and would forever hold every cheer, anxious moment, and glorious win.

And the medal scarf was born.

Record Your Wins, Row by Row

The idea stemmed from the win/loss scarf. With that scarf you assign a color to crochet for each home win or loss, and add variety for away games, and end up with a wearable record of the season. The premise with the medal scarf is similar; you assign colors to gold, silver, and bronze, and then knit or crochet a count of the number won at the close of each day.

I loved that this medal scarf would forever honor the medals won in the 2018 Winter Games. While this scarf can be crocheted during the big event, you could easily start one now! Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick your three colors. Rooting for USA, I knew that I’d use red, white, and blue for the scarf but you could easily create a scarf for any country.
  2. Decide which color represents each medal. My choice was red = gold, white = silver, and blue = bronze.
  3. Pick the type of scarf to make. This was a bit tricky to figure out at first, but I’ll break it down so it’s super simple for you. First, think about how many rows you might have (check how many medals your country wins on average). For the 2018 Winter Games I was expecting somewhere around 25-30 rows. For anything less than 30 I’d suggest an infinity scarf. Otherwise, your favorite scarf style will work!
  4. Decide what stitch to use throughout. The color changes will provide a ton of interest so pick a very simple stitch such as double crochet, extended double crochet, or treble crochet. I landed on extended double crochet for that extra bit of texture it gives.

The Suspense of a Medal Scarf

Then let the games begin. At the end of the first day, record how many gold, silver, and bronze medals were won. Grab your first medal color and chain to the width you’d like your scarf to be. Around 10 inches wide for a regular scarf, or 30-40 inches for an infinity scarf. If you choose an infinity scarf you’ll work it flat, widthwise, then sew the short ends together.

Now work your rows for day 1 and so on at the end of each day.

For example, USA won 1 gold and 1 silver on the first day they got medals (on 2/11/18). I began my scarf by chaining with red, the gold color. Then started into the actual medal rows: one red and one white. If the highest medal won the first day was silver, I would have instead started with white.

Medal scarf at the end of day one.

You’ll always crochet the number of rows of gold, then silver, then bronze each day, but only the medals won. If a medal wasn’t won, skip that color. And last, if you get to the end of your scarf and it’s not long enough, simply continue to the desired length using a single solid color.

Medal scarf after the end of the second day of medals won.

Here are four variations you could try:

  1. The variation I went with which was to crochet the total number of gold, silver, then bronze won each day. So if a day had two gold and three silver, that day in the scarf would be made up by two rows of red followed by three rows of white.
  2. Follow the same general idea as variation 1, but instead of one medal for a team win, crochet a row for every person that won a medal. For the ice dance bronze, you’d have two rows rather than one, or a whole slew of rows for the women’s hockey win.
  3. Rather than summarizing by day, crochet the medals in the exact order they were won. It takes a bit more staying on top of the wins, but it would be a cool scarf.
  4. You could also wait for the games to finish and crochet the total number of gold, silver, and bronze for the entire games in three solid color blocks.

I enjoyed making this scarf immensely and sharing in all that these athletes have accomplished. I hope you try your own medal scarf, and enjoy making your own memories!


P.S. I included the medal count for USA below if you want to make your own 2018 medal scarf too.

Day Gold Silver Bronze
2-11 1 1
2-12 1 1
2-13 1 1
2-14 1
2-15 1
2-17 1
2-18 1
2-20 2
2-21 1 1 2
2-22 2 3
2-24 1 1

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