Crochet Tuffets and Limpets

I love color.

So, it's no surprise that pretty often I pull Kathy Merrick's Crochet in Color off my bookshelf.

My copy of the book is festooned with sticky notes (you know those stickies, right? The ones that holler out, “I want to make this and this and this.”)

The project that first jumped out at me and still teases me is the Triangle Tuffet. Not only does it include all the colors of the rainbow, but also it's a tuffet! Sit on it, rest your feet on it, pose the cat on it — it's all good.
And don't you love the clever design? The tuffet wedges are simply shaped with stitches of increasing sizes, with color changes as you go along, leaving very little seaming work. This is just fun crochet.




And what I love about Kathy Merrick is that, for all her love of color—she is, after all, the creator of the fabulous Babette Blanket—she understands that not everyone feels the same way about color.

So for each design, she offers you options for making the project your own by suggesting other colorways.
With the Urchins and Limpets Blanket (available for free download here), she offers specific colorways to change the look of this blanket.

The design here is lovely: Clever pairings of chain-and-single-crochet motifs gives this blanket movement, so it's not a heavy cover-up. It's a perfect blanket for spring and summer.

The design that really mesmerizes me is the Tiny Motif Sweater. Not for the faint of heart, this sweater uses four colorways of hand-dyed wool to create a gorgeous painterly sweater. You can pick out your own favorite colorways to create a whole different look.

The wee motifs are joined as you go, and you can work over the tails to reduce finishing time. And when you are done, you will have a work of art to wear. It's perfect over a cami or tank, or a long-sleeved shirt.












































Dive in and festoon the book with your own stickies. Then go crochet some fun.
Now, I have to go get started on that tuffet.

p.s. When you go to download the Urchins and Limpets Blanket at Knitting Daily, you can use the same username and password as you use at CrochetMe! We've switchd to a Single Sign On system for all Interweave websites. So you can play at,,,, and with a single password.

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