Crochet Toys on Tell a Fairy Tale Day

What yarn will you weave on Tell a Fairy Tale Day? (Yes, we’re talking like non-crafty folk, but the puns don’t work any other way!) If you want to crochet some toys to illustrate your tale, consider four stories and their companion crochet toys from Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012.

These enchanted tales from the Kingdom of Crochet start out as one might expect…

Once Upon A Time

Here is the fairy tale of Lisa Loo, a pattern by Brenda K.B. Anderson:

crochet toys

Unlike most fairies, Lisa Loo doesn’t live in the magical forest; she much prefers the comfort of living in your backyard. She likes living near humans because she finds them to be an endless source of entertainment. With her kind eyes and persistent smile, this mischievous fairy dreams up new sports from moment to moment.

You know sometimes when you hear the dog barking randomly in the backyard and you head out to save a squirrel, but when you go out, there’s no squirrel to be found? That’s Lisa Loo, hard at play. Her favorite pastime of all is stealing one sock at a time from your dirty laundry pile.

Make Lisa Loo with single crochet in the round in a baby yarn. A cute strapless dress, crochet wings and safety eyes give her a sense of whimsy as she flutters around the yard.

More Crochet Toy Stories…

In the same magazine, you’ll find the Happy Day Playmat by Laurinda Reddig. It illustrates an adventure about a princess and five little boys on their way to rescue her. This playmat is crocheted with a reversible intarsia technique.

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Casey the Crocodile Scarf by Jennifer Cirka has a rhyming tale about the crocodile’s delight in heading to school. It’s a scarf, yet it’s a toy! Worked in bulky weight yarn, crocodile stitch adds texture and warmth for cool-weather days.

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The Love Ewe Nesting Dolls by Sarah Read accompany a touching tale about a woman and sheep stuck out in the cold, who find warmth and care for their babies together. The dolls are worked single crochet in the round; crochet them in thread to sit nicely on a shelf or use worsted-weight yarn for playtime fun.

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Fairy tales and make-believe games delight kids of all ages. Find even more crochet and story-telling inspiration in these delightful books and magazines:

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