Crochet Toys and Acting Like an Adult

These cute crochet rats are fantastic.

Rat-a-Cuties by Megan Kreiner

This weekend I have decided to turn in my adult card for a few days. No more bills, responsibilities, or dishes! I am going to spend my time with yarn, hook, and a few good television shows. And I won’t be crocheting utilitarian hats or warm and elegant sweaters either. Nope! I am going to crochet toys!

Halloween is almost here and I definitely need a few crochet rats. The Rat-a-Cuties are the perfect combination of cute and creepy, and they will work up very quickly. And I definitely have to work a bubble bath into my weekend. Perhaps I need a Sponge Buddie duck or rabbit to keep me company. Then I’ll finish off the weekend with a few whimsical Aitches.

I think crocheting amigurumi and toys allows each of us to rediscover simple joys and childlike adventure. Knit and Crochet Toys is a gorgeous collection of crochet and knit toys that are perfect for children and adults. Here is the editor, Deborah Gerish, to tell us more about the issue.

Nobody is Too Old to Play

Being an adult isn’t always easy: we have to act our age and behave responsibly. Kids don’t have to be dignified, so they get to have all the fun. I collected these knitted and crocheted projects to provide maximum entertainment value for all ages (and a good excuse for adults who want to be kids for a little while). With Toys, knitters and crocheters can embrace their inner children while entertaining the youngsters in their lives. It’s the best of both worlds.

Grown-ups will love these toys just as much as kids will. This bold claim is backed by a lot of high-level scientific research. Designers with small children told me that their kids hated to see the samples sent away for photography. Once their packages reached the Interweave headquarters, my coworkers jumped right in to make sure the toys didn’t get lonely. It was not unusual for people to visit my office for some quality time with the toys when they needed a boost.

These crochet amigurumi are so fun to pose.

Aitches by Brenda K. B. Anderson

Finally, our wonderful models and their parents loved these toys, too. I had to search everybody carefully at the end of the day to make sure nothing got smuggled out.

We’ve got toys of all shapes and sizes here: tiny critters that fit in a pocket; portable board games that are practically indestructible; magical creatures from designers’ imaginations; great big stuffed toys designed for maximum hugability.

This amigurumi crochet Jackalope is a great gift.

Jackson the Jackalope by Brenda K. B. Anderson

Grab some yarn and get creative! (But first read the toy safety article on page 10 to choose age-appropriate materials and projects. Fun and safety go hand in hand.)

—Deborah Gerish

So who’s planning on joining me for a few days of childlike joy and crochet toys? Even if you can’t find a whole day, take a few minutes to relax and create one of these incredible projects as a gift or even for yourself. You will find the perfect whimsical toy—from a crochet Jackalope (the Jackalope was actually “discovered” a few miles from my hometown) to a crocheted chicken.

This crochet chicken is ready for a day out.

Mrs. Chicken by Vicki Square

Order or download your copy of Knit and Crochet Toys for all of these adorable toys and so many more!

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P.S. Do you crochet toys? Let us know in the comments.

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