Crochet Temperature Scarf



Marie Segares/Underground Crafter


This is my crochet interpretation of Kristen Cooper’s My Year in Temperatures scarf, a conceptual knitting project.

Basically, you track the temperatures in your area over the course of the year by assigning temperature ranges to 7-15 colors. I would recommend using yarns of the same weight along with a consistent hook size and tension throughout the project.

It’s a great stashbuster as well as a good way to break out of your color comfort zone! You can adjust the width by adding or subtracting multiples of 4 stitches to the foundation chain.

Materials List

Choose a group of yarns and assign a set of temperature values to each yarn.  This will vary based on how many yarns you want to use as well as how dramatic annual temperature highs and lows are in your area.  I used 8 colors in my sample.

Choose a crochet hook that is suited to your yarn.

A yarn needle is a must – you will likely have lots of ends to weave in!

Finished Size



Gauge is not critical for this project.

The Pattern

This “recipe style” crochet pattern is available here on my blog.


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