Are Crocheters Superstitious?

This Friday the 13th, I Say “I’m Not Afraid!”

All my knitting friends have a superstition they call “The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater”: if you knit your boyfriend a sweater, he’ll break up with you. I confess that I laughed out loud when I heard this, but I wasn’t laughing after several friends shared their personal stories of the curse. Some of them believe that the curse isn’t limited to sweaters but includes other wearables like socks, too.

All this talk of curses made me a bit pensive because I had just finished crocheting a Christmas ornament for my boyfriend. It left me wondering if any hand-crocheted or hand-knitted gift would activate the curse. Thankfully, the curse appears to be relegated to just knitting (or maybe wearables specifically) because no break-up ensued. Phew.

Are There Crochet Superstitions?

This talk of the boyfriend sweater curse had me asking my crochet friends if they knew of any crochet superstitions. As I suspected, we couldn’t think of any. So to flaunt the fact that crocheters are free to crochet with confidence, I decided to embrace worldwide superstitions and boldly declare that I’m not afraid.
crochet superstitions

Crochet a Black Cat

For Friday the 13th, I invite you to join me in throwing caution to the wind. If we break a mirror, who cares?! If we happen to walk under a ladder, no big deal. If a black cat crosses our path, I say we wish it nine long happy lives. In fact, to commemorate our carefree crafting ability, I think we should all crochet a black cat.

Luckily, I found a great pattern that’s perfect for the occasion. Tapestry Crochet a The Cat Pillow, from the 2011 issue of Crochet Traditions (a special edition of PieceWork magazine),  uses tapestry crochet to create a simple pattern for a graphic cat-motif pillow. Instead of a pillow, I decided to crochet a cuff by crocheting the motif twice and working it in the round (this is how the pillow is made in the pattern). The only other change I made was to add reverse single crochet to the top and bottom of the cuff to give it an edge.
crochet superstitions
The cat cuff looks great both as a wrist cuff and as a beer cozy! I can’t think of a better way for crocheters to toast our freedom from the boyfriend curse than with a bottle of hops.

 More Inspiration from Crochet Traditions 2011

I don’t remember now why Jeane Hutchins, the editor of PieceWork, gave me a copy of the 2011 issue Crochet Traditions, but I am really glad she did. Not only did I find the cat pattern, but I was inspired by several other patterns as well.

The pattern for A Delicate Pincushion in Irish Crochet is stunning. I’ve never tried Irish crochet, and the small size and beautiful design of this project definitely has me intrigued.

Rickrack is a must-have for my personal ribbon collection, and the pattern for Rickrack Edgings has me wondering why I never thought to crochet around it. This project has definitely been added to my must-crochet list.
crochet superstitions
I’m absolutely smitten with the Embellish with Buttons pattern. The designs are delicate yet extremely detailed. They look lovely on buttons, but I’m tempted to crochet them around little stones. (Yes, I have a thing for crocheted stones, as evidenced by my pattern for Garden Buddies in Love of Crochet Spring 2015 .)

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the pattern on “unlucky” page 13: The Tussah Silk Mitts, which are exquisite. They make me want to dress up and attend a symphony. They are really quite something.

This issue has thirty-nine+crochet projects and fascinating stories of crocheters throughout history. The patterns are classic yet timeless, I highly recommend them. You’re going to love this issue.

Flaunt Your Crochet on Every Superstitious Holiday

Are you ready to flaunt your crochet on this and every other superstitious day? I am. Friday the 13th doesn’t scare me—don’t let it scare you either. Pick up your digital copy of Crochet Traditions 2011 and let’s toast to beautiful motifs of black cats in tapestry crochet.


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