Summer Projects for My Vacay

Crochet projects take planning. If you’re like me, you plan your crochet projects around your free time. Now that it’s summer, I’m planning my projects around my vacations—the size and type of project I take with me on a trip are based on the length and type of vacation. For example, if I’m traveling by plane, I’ll take a smaller project that doesn’t take up a lot of room; if I’m headed out on a road trip, I’ll take a larger project that requires more time.

As I’m planning for this summer’s vacation time, I’ve realized I have quite a few projects on my to-do list. Will they all get done? Probably not, but I always feel better having a list than choosing what to take at the last minute. Plus, planning my projects helps me figure out how to pack. You HAVE to make room for yarn and a project or two, you know?

This year, I’ll be taking a few trips, and I’ve already got my list started. It includes, but definitely isn’t limited to, the following:

1. Mitts: A pair of mitts doesn’t take too much yarn, and I can make them to match a hat or scarf. My mitts are going to match the Honeysuckle Hat I modified using yarn I found at Yarn Fest.

national craft month

The mitts I will soon be working up will match the honeysuckle hat pattern that I modified earlier this year.

2. Shawls: This type of project can take anywhere from one to multiple skeins of yarn. My current shawl project is a multi-mini-skein project found in Continuous Crochet. I found a gradient shawl kit at the Sun Valley Fibers booth and, after searching for the perfect project, came across Sorrento Sunset Starburst Shawl. It’s currently a WIP, and I’m planning on taking it with me on vacation.

crochet summer projects

3. Home décor: Depending on the project, home décor items can fit easily in either a carry-on or a checked bag. My current home décor project is the Home Grown Plant Cozy from Crochetscene 2017. I’m modifying it slightly to make it fit a larger plant pot, and I might make it in 2 colors, but whatever I do, this highly portable project will look awesome!

4. Garments: A longer getaway is the perfect opportunity to crochet yourself a garment. I’ve done this once before, and the experience (the challenge, exhilaration, etc.) convinced me to try it again. During my longest summer vacation this year, I’m hoping to finish the Blue Lagoon top from Love of Crochet Summer 2013 and make the Mira Shell from Love of Crochet: Crochet More. Both of these projects have been on my to-do list for a while, so I’m excited to have an extended period of time to work on them.

Well, there you have it: my list of crochet projects to take on summer trips. What projects do you have on your summer crochet list? Do you plan your projects around the time you have, or do you just take your current WIP? Let me know in the comments!

Happy stitching!

Crochet summer projects to keep your skills sharp!

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