Pick Up a Hook and Crochet a Stuffed Animal!

There’s just something about stuffed animals that makes us smile. Crochet stuffed animals are even more loveable because someone took a lot of time and effort to make the stuffed sweetie you can’t help but squeeze.

Here’s your list of 8 crochet stuffed animals that will take your make and give game to a winning level!

1. Sir Stephen the Bunny

This plush critter is the perfect companion for your prince or princess. Inspired by antique toys, there’s no way he won’t fit right in with all the other stuffed animals.

2. Merry Moose

The perfect companion for the holidays, this moose will add a smile to the face of any visitor. Stitch his scarf in colors to match your décor and watch him blend right in!

3. Jackson the Jackalope

Jackson is a creature that any child will love. He definitely legendary.

4. Pint-Sized Zoo

crochet stuffed animals

Create this set for any child who loves to have tea parties with his or her imaginary friends. The variety of animals is sure to bring a smile to tiny faces.

5. Rat-a-Cutie

crochet stuffed animals

Whoever said that rats couldn’t be cute hadn’t seen these rodents! Stitched in a fuzzy yarn, they’re realistic enough I’d recommend keeping them away from any cats.

6. Mrs. Chicken

crochet stuffed animals

Yes, you can make a crocheted chicken! Complete with a beaded necklace and purse, she’ll fit in fabulously with your little fashionista.

7. Ollie the Owl

crochet stuffed animals

Whooo wouldn’t love this cutie? Match the colors to your little one’s favorite outfit for a perfect pairing.

8. Amigurumi

Here are 3 critters that anyone will love. You could use them as gifts or to send a pun-derful little note; like “Whale, hello there,” “Just chicken in,” or perhaps “You did a mouse-terful job!”. No matter their use, the recipient is sure to smile.

Now that you’ve been introduced to these cute critters, the only decision is who to make first! Let us know in the comments which one you choose!

Happy Stitching!

Crochet Stuffed Animals For the Win!

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