Crochet, Spring 2013

Chain, Bead, Picot
Gloriana Bracelet
Karen Hooton
Promise Necklace
Kathryn White
Celtic Necklace
Jennifer E. Ryan
Whimsy Necklace
Karen Hooton
Transitional Statements

Undefined Cowl
Janet Brani

Moreover Duster
Kimberly K McAlindin

Bloomsbury Top
Tammy Hildebrand

Vanessa Shell
Robyn Chachula

Yaddo Cardigan
Moon Eldridge
Secret Garden

Melania Dress
Cristina Mershon

Willow Dress
Laurinda Reddig

Blossom Hair Clips
Karen Hooton

Charlotte Dress
Kathy Merrick
Weekend Retreat

Promenade Shawl
Kathryn White

Swan Lake Shawl
Lily Chin

Salsa Skirt
Doris Chan

Tango Tunic
Doris Chan

Calypso Clutch
Brenda K. B. Anderson

Cancan Collar
Lily Chin

Chameleon Cuff
Pat Cooper

Apron Strings
Vickie Howell

Basic Glove Recipe
Karen Ratto-Whooley

Basic Lace Glove Recipe
Karen Ratto-Whooley


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Yarn Spotlight: Don’t Ply For Me
by Marcy Smith

Join Marcy as she explores non-plied yarns. Discover railroad or ladder-style yarns, yarns that look like tubes, and more.

Customizing Gloves
by Karen Ratto-Whooley

Learn how to crochet gloves with this detailed article and glove pattern recipe. Don’t let the idea of adding all those fingers stop you; it’s really quite simple.
Everyday Crochet: Double Crochet
by Kathryn Vercillo


The inspiring crochet relationship between neighbors Jodie and Adrienne makes you wish you could be in Australia with them, crafting in the sunshine in Jodie’s garden and enjoying a “chat over a cuppa.”

Parenthook: Apron Strings
by Vickie Howell

Motherhood is a full-time gig. But as the saying goes, “When Mama’s happy, then everyone’s happy.” And what makes Mama happy? Crochet!

Check out Vickie’s Super Yummy, Vegetarian “Beef” Crockpot Chili.

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Learn broomstick crochet.


Bruges Lace

Learn how to create this beautiful lace.

Beaded Ladder

Create this gorgeous beaded ladder.

Working Into Ribbon Yarn

Discover tips for working with ribbon yarn.


Learn how to create the blindstitch.


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