Say What? Crochet Speak Is Like a Secret Code

Crochet lingo can often sound foreign—almost like a secret code. I remember the first time I read online that someone was frogging their project. Say what? What do little green frogs have to do with crochet? And when someone wrote, “I need to get out my WIP,” I definitely did a double take.

Crochet abbreviations are generally straight forward. The first letter of the word or phrase is often used to refer to a stitch or word: single crochet is abbreviated sc and chain is abbreviated ch, for example. We have a complete list of traditional crochet abbreviations here. But what about crochet speak on blogs, social media,  or old patterns? Below are the most common terms and some just for fun.

(p.s. that’s Keep On Hookin’ On)

Crochet Slang on Blogs and Social Media

clown barf = when bright variegated yarn pools in an unattractive pattern.

DH = Dear hubby.

FOTH = fresh off the hook.

frog = to rip out one’s work; repeat the phrase “rip it, rip it” like a frog.

hooker = one who uses a hook to crochet.

HOTH = hot off the hook

JAYGO = join as you go

MAM = mile-a-minute technique

MGBTC = must get back to crocheting

NCR = not crochet related

PHD = projects half done

PIGS = projects in grocery sacks

UFO = unfinished object


Yarn Barf: never a good thing.

USO = unstarted object

WIP = work in progress

yarnie – someone who loves yarn

yarn barf = the tangled mess of yarn that comes out of a skein of yarn when you pull out a center strand

Crochet Speak of Old

Vintage crochet patterns are sometimes quirky, yet surprisingly relevant to the modern crocheter. Interweave offers a wide variety of vintage crochet patterns such as the e-book PieceWork Presents Vintage Crochet with Mrs. Beeton.

2d = second

3d – third

afghan hook = Tunisian crochet hook

double long treble crochet = double treble

double stitch = single crochet

long double stitch = half double crochet


We dare you to try some vintage crochet with Mrs. Beeton!

long treble stitch = treble crochet

miss = skip a stitch

p – picot

p-loop = picot loop

raised spots – cluster

sdc = short double crochet

tricot = Tunisian crochet

work plain = work in single crochet

Crochet Terms Just for Fun

Ok, these may or may not be real, but they sure sound logical.

BO = bobble

BS = bullion stitch

Sextr = sextuple treble crochet

English to American Translation

And let’s not forget that English patterns use slightly different terms from American patterns!

slip stitch = slip stitch

double crochet = single crochet

treble crochet = double crochet

long treble crochet = treble crochet

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