Crochet Some Holiday Cheer this Season!

The holidays are almost here! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the most wonderful time of the year to arrive. I’m already counting down the days until I can bring out all my holiday decorations and put up the tree. (How soon is too soon? The day after Thanksgiving is okay, right?) This year, to work off some of my premature holiday excitement, I’ve decided to crochet a few decorations. I like this plan because I can get into the holiday spirit early AND I get new decorations—it’s a win-win.

If you’re feeling the holiday spirit, too, check out this list of my favorite crochet holiday patterns!

1. O Tannenbaum

I adore this fun, modern take on Christmas tree décor! Made from 15 crocheted spheres, the O Tannenbaum tree is perfect for a mantel, a dresser, or a desk. I love the modern color palette shown here, but you can opt for a more traditional color scheme. Customize the border for a one-of-a-kind decoration.

2. Holly and Berry Garland

The Holly and Berry Garland will add holiday cheer to any home! String one up across your mantel, as shown here, or make an extra-long garland to go around your tree. Or put it up in your cube at work to add a festive touch to your space. You can go with the traditional Christmas colors seen here, or choose your favorite hues for the pom-poms and beads (this is a great project for stash-busting!).

3. Holiday Cheer Word Art

The little decorative words in the Holiday Cheer Word Art are too cute to resist. They’re perfect for a bookshelf, sideboard, or mantel. You can also add a loop of yarn to the tops of the letters and hang them from your tree, or glue the backs to a piece of decorative wood—really, the possibilities are endless!

4. Star Flakes

These Star Flakes are so lovely and add a traditional touch to your holiday décor. They work up quickly, so you can make several of each and put them all around your house. Add a loop at the tops to create ornaments or hang them in windows, or use them as gift tags for lucky friends and family. They’re stiffened with glue, so they’ll hold their shape no matter how you use them.

5. Santa’s Hanging Around

Every home needs a wreath or two for the holidays! The festive Santa’s Hanging Around wreath is made entirely of pom-poms, so it’s a fun project to do with kids (creating this piece would make a great day-after-Thanksgiving activity). It takes over 70 pom-poms to make this adorable wreath, so I suggest getting a small pom-pom maker or trying our Yarn Hack for making pom-poms in bulk.

If these designs have you itching to start your holiday crafting, get yourself a copy of Love of Crochet Winter 2017, which features all five of these crochet holiday patterns plus four more! Download this great issue, then crochet and decorate to your heart’s content this season.

Happy holiday crocheting!

P.S. If you need more crochet holiday patterns, check out Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012, which features several cute holiday designs, including a tree skirt and some darling ornaments.

All photos by George Boe

Crochet projects for the holiday season!