Crochet Socks Your Way!

Step into the wonderful world of crochet socks with Rohn Strong’s Step Into Crochet, a book that caters to you, your feet, and to your sense of style. Slipping your feet into the perfect pair of crochet socks is only a project away. With tips on lace, cables, fit, and more, this is one must-have book for your crochet library.

Although the book details Rohn’s methods of sock crocheting, it is really about crocheting socks the way you want them. He’s teaching you how to best create for you. His past frustrations with sock crocheting and the troubles he’s had with fit, stretch, and design inspired him to help himself and the rest of us who demand a great fitting sock!

Working towards that goal is something that makes the process of creation fun. We crochet socks rather than buy them because the act of crocheting gives us pleasure and we can make exactly what we want rather than settling for something in-store.

Part of that creative process is understanding Rohn’s techniques for sock crocheting. One of the big points that sticks with me is how important negative ease is to fit. Handmade socks, unlike store-bought socks, are made closer to our actual foot size. Adding a 5 percent negative ease (or making the sock 5 percent smaller than your foot measurements) will ensure a perfect fit. Also,to help you create the perfect sock for you, the book includes different types of heels, toes, and ways of altering socks to fit your aesthetic while still considering how they fit.

crochet socks

Mold your “every day crafting experience” for the better with Rohn’s polished sock crocheting techniques. Make yourself a pair without a moment to spare!

Happy sock crocheting!


Crochet Socks with Rohn’s Help!


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