How to Crochet Slippers and Crochet Socks

In recent years, the interest in crochet socks and crochet slippers has increased, and so have the number of crochet sock patterns. As designer and crocheters explore the possibilities of how to crochet socks and slippers, they are discovering tips and tricks for working the heel and toe and creating the perfect fit.

From simple guides on how to crochet socks for beginners, step-by-step instructions and useful tips like these, Interweave is always on hand to help you master your next big sock-making adventure. Even if you’ve already got a great foundation in the craft, these tips will help you stay organized and inspired throughout your project. Don’t forget to check out the end of this article for awesome crochet sock patterns that’ll get you in the mood to craft some comfy, cozy socks or slippers.

Here are eight of Karen Ratto Whooley’s best crochet sock tips, perfect for cuff down and toe up socks or your favorite crochet slippers pattern:

Expert Tips for Crocheted Slippers and Socks:

  1. If you or the recipient have fiber allergies, select a non allergenic fiber. Check the itchiness factor, too. Hold the yarn up to your neck. If it itches this sensitive part of your body, just put it down.
  2. Yarns with soft fibers, such as cashmere or alpaca, are most comfortable, but they will call for some extra care to make them last, especially with a crochet slipper pattern since they are generally worn without the protection of shoes.
  3. Do you want to handwash the socks or would you prefer superwash? Note that even if a sock is superwash, the fibers will last longer if you air-dry the socks. You can also partially dry them in the dryer, remove them while still damp, and then let them air-dry.
  4. Need more elasticity in the cuff? Crochet a thin strand of elastic along with the yarn in the cuff or crochet over a loop of elastic that is slightly smaller than the final circumference of the sock.
  5. If you want your heels and toes to last longer, crochet while holding a reinforcing thread alongside the yarn. Many yarn stores carry threads especially for sock reinforcement, or try serger thread that matches the color of your yarn.
  6. Don’t tie knots when adding new yarn or changing colors; these can poke you and are very uncomfortable. Instead, weave in ends securely.
  7. Keep a bit of leftover yarn to fix socks later on. Sock yarn colors cycle out of production rather quickly, so it’s good to save a little to fix any holes that get worn in well-loved socks.
  8. Put the leftover yarn and label in a zip-top sandwich-size bag. Using permanent marker, write the name of the crochet sock pattern and who the socks were for if you gave them as a gift. You might also give a bit of the yarn to the recipient to have on hand, along with a tag explaining how to care for the socks.

—Karen Ratto Whooley

Now that you’ve picked up some of our best tips for materials and have learned how to make crochet slippers and socks last longer, you’re ready to dive into a beautiful sock or slipper pattern.

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