A New Slant on Crochet Slip-Stitch

A confusing part of crochet for beginners and experienced stitchers alike is where (under which loops or around which posts) to make the next stitch. But what many don’t realize is that the freedom to insert your hook anywhere creates endless possibilities! The diagonal slip-stitch pattern used in the Diagonal Slip-Stitch Mitts is the result of my looking down at the top of a row of stitches and wondering “what if.”

Crochet Slip-Stitch

Janet Brani’s Diagonal Slip-Stitch Mitts use crochet slip-stitches to create stretchy, comfortable ribbing. Photo by HarperPoint Photography.

Little Stitch, Big Debate

Using slip-stitches to create fabric is regarded by some as an advanced technique, yet the slip stitch is technically the most basic of stitches. So why all the angst over this tiny stitch? Perhaps the slip-stitch has a complicated reputation because using it to create fabric is such a slow process, or because it’s hard to maintain an even tension when crocheting slip stitches. Although these are valid points, there is no denying the wonder of the finished product! Crochet slip-stitches create a truly stretchy rib without the bulk of typical crochet “workarounds,” and the solid fabric is perfect for warm and stretchy hats, mitts, and cuffs, to list a few.

Try Diagonal Slip Stitch

The diagonal slip-stitch is worked under two loops (one loop each of neighboring stitches). Your hook will not glide under both loops in one easy motion, so the process is more like “Scoop under the front loop of the first stitch, scoop under the back loop of the next stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop.” A smooth hook with a pointed tip will make this much easier. Try it out! Your extra effort will yield a fabric with a firm stretch, a pronounced rib, and a knit-like appearance.

To begin your trial swatch, work a foundation chain of the desired length.

Set up row: Working in the top lp of the ch only, sl st in the second ch from the hook and in each rem ch across, turn.

Row 1: Ch 1, insert the hook into the flo of the first st and then into the blo of the second st, yo, draw through all lps on hooks (first diag sl st made), across to the last st, insert hook under the unworked front lp of the last st, yo, draw through all lps on the hook, turn.

Next Rows: Rep Row 1

Crochet Slip-Stitch

Photo by George Boe.

Insert the hook in the front loop only of the first stitch (Image 1), then insert the hook in the back loop only of the second stitch (Image 2).

crochet Slip Stitch

Photo by George Boe.

Happy Crocheting!
Janet Brani

Janet Brani designs and teaches in Marietta, Georgia, and cannot make it through the day without a little crochet therapy. Making crochet behave like knitting is her current passion. OneLoopShy is her Ravelry handle, and might say a bit about her as well.

This article originally appeared in Interweave Crochet Winter 2018.

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