Crochet Shoes for Summer!

Have you been admiring crochet shoes this summer? Crochet shoes are a quick-to-make summer accessory. They are an exciting change from the standard summer shawl or scarf, plus you get the chance to experiment with different shoe bottoms! The ability to customize is endless. If you want to try your hand at some homemade crochet shoes, we have 3 patterns we think you’ll love to try.

crochet shoes

1. Daybreak Espadrilles By Brenda K. B. Anderson

Interweave Crochet Summer 2018

These espadrilles are quite trendy for summer and very fun to make. You’ll need 1 mm hemp cord, espadrille bottoms (which you can find on Etsy or Amazon), some wooden buttons, and a buckle. No one will believe you made these shoes yourself!

2. Sumptuous Sandals by Brenda K. B. Anderson

Interweave Crochet Spring 2018

Make these slip-on sandals as ornate or as basic as you like. Brenda attached these to simple flip-flop bottoms, which are easy to find while shopping or even in your own closet! She created a simple crochet band for slipping them on and off. Use a lace motif and embroidery thread to make these shoes in your own intricate floral pattern and colors.

crochet shoes

3. Strappy Sandals by Brenda K. B. Anderson

Interweave Crochet Summer 2012

These fun sandals also use a 1 mm hemp cord and an affordable flip-flop bottom. Encase the flip-flop bottom in single crochet with the hemp cord. The cord comes in a wide range of colors, and offers a lot of potential for customization. In what color will you make these Strappy Sandals? Let us know in the comments below. IMAGE: StrappySandals.jpg

Have you tried making crochet sandals? Which of these patterns are you most excited about trying? If you’re hoping to work with hemp cord, check out our tips and tricks for working with tough yarn.

Happy stitching!
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