A Handy Guide to Crochet Seams

We have a number of incredible projects in Interweave Crochet Summer 2018 that you’ll want to make this summer and wear and use for years to come. The secret to long-lasting, durable crochet projects is a good seam. It is the glue that holds your project together. If you need a refresher on seaming methods before you launch into the projects from Summer 2018, check out this list.

Seaming with a Yarn Needle

Mattress Stitch

crochet seams

With RS facing, use threaded needle to *bring the needle through the center of the first stitch or post on one piece, then through the center of the corresponding stitch or post of the other piece. Repeat from * to end of seam.
Try on the Shibori Pillow.

Whipstitch Seam

crochet seams

Place right sides of pieces together. Hold pieces with the two edges facing you.
1. Secure seaming yarn on wrong side of one piece. Pass needle through pieces from back to front at start of seam. This creates a small stitch to begin seam.
2. A little farther left, pass needle through pieces, again from back to front, wrapping seam edge.
Repeat Step 2 to complete seam. Secure end of seaming yarn.
Try on the Basking Crossbody Bag.

Seaming with a Crochet Hook

Slip-Stitch Seam

crochet seams

Make a slipknot with seaming yarn and place on hook. With RS of pieces facing each other, *insert hook through both pieces of fabric under the stitch loops, wrap yarn around hook to form a loop (Figure 1), and pull loop back through both pieces of fabric and through the loop already on hook (Figure 2). Repeat from *, maintaining firm, even tension.
Try on the Blue-on-Blue Sweater.

Join As You Go

This technique is typically used for joining motifs. As you work the final round of the motif stitch pattern, you will join to previous motifs already made. This is usually specific to the motif pattern, so instructions on how to do a 1-sided join, a 2-sided join, and maybe even a 3-sided join should be included along with the pattern you’re working.
Try on the First Light Rug.

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Happy stitching!
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