10 FREE Crochet Scarf Patterns

Free crochet scarf patterns

The 10 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns free eBook features 10 fun crochet scarf patterns for those of all crochet skill levels.I hope you are able to spend time with family and loved ones today. Wonderful food, lots of laughter, and a few handmade gifts have been exchanged in my home. Later, we will be bundling up and heading outdoors for a little more fun. But first, I have one more gift to give—crochet scarf patterns!

Love scarves? So do we! And we love making them just as much as wearing them too. As our gift to you, click here to find our 10 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns: Crochet Scarves eBook. We hope all ten of these amazing free crochet scarf patterns will bring you joy and warmth. There is a crochet scarf for everyone. You will find light and lacy designs that are great for warmer days or as an all-day accessory.

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We have also included several substantial scarves to keep you warm. Explore plaid or apply a quilt design to a colorful scarf. You will find patterns to expand your crochet skills and easy designs that will work up quickly. That’s why we put together this collection of 10 of our favorite crocheted scarves to offer you for free! Now you’ll have a whole range of designs to choose from that will surely add spice and style to your wardrobe. While all crocheters can enjoy the range of designs, beginners can take advantage of the easy crochet scarf patterns to practice your crochet stitches, or give a new stitch a try. These scarf crochet patterns are easy to understand and follow, and are the perfect project for every crocheter no matter your skill level.

Zig-Zag Scarf

The Zig Zag Scarf is full of bright colors and comes with step-by-step crochet instructions in the 10 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns eBook.The Zig-Zag Scarf by Judith Swartz is no ho-hum ripple stitch. Turn the stitch horizontally, add just the right edge trim, and you’ll have crocheted scarves with great dramatic flair. The bright colors used here make for a playful overall design, and is an easy one to customize to your favorite color schemes. This crocheted scarf will put the fun back into any wardrobe and keep you practicing those basic crochet stitches!

Off-the-Grid Scarf

The Off the Grid Scarf is a simple pattern to crochet for those of all skill levels.The Off the Grid Scarf by Marilyn Murphy is a deceptively simple pattern, featuring an elongated grid when working it horizontally versus vertically. For a completely different look, weave ribbon or other novelties through the grid. This basic design makes for a perfect beginner crochet scarf, and it truly has endless possibilities!

Sweet Lorraine Lace Scarf

The Sweet Lorraine Lace Scarf is aa beautiful stitch pattern scarf that can be found in the free 10 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns eBook.The Sweet Lorraine Lace Scarf by Doris Chan is named after a loved one’s favorite song, Doris Chan’s versatile lace throw was the inspiration for this beautiful scarf, which adds a hint of sophisticated comfort to any room or outfit. The lace stitch is a variation of the strawberry pattern, an easy-to-remember four-row repeat, with a scalloped side edging made as you go, to minimize finishing.

Float Away Scarf

The Float Away Scarf designed by Kim Werker is a basic stitch pattern that is great for beginners.The Float Away by Kim Werker was made the second Kim laid eyes on this yarn, it screamed “waves!” A brief look at her favorite stitch resources and a few dangling rings later; this simple crochet scarf was born. Worked in only seven long rows, it is warm enough for chilly spring nights, yet soft enough to wear against bare skin and has sheen to add some flair to a summer evening stroll.

Mermaid Scarf

The fun Mermaid Scarf features wavy and lacy layers that are easy and creative for all ages to complete.The Mermaid Scarf by Sandi Wiseheart comes from years ago, a friend of Sandi’s hosted “Mermaid Parties,” gala women-only events where guests arrived in satiny ball gowns, glittering sequin sheaths, and sparkling jewelry fit for under-the-sea royalty. While her original vision for this scarf was too flat, the addition of crochet half motifs down the middle did just the trick forming wavy, lacy layers—it was then that she heard the mermaids singing.

Crocus Scarf

The Crocus Scarf is a fun crochet scarf pattern is the perfect scarf for the cold.The Crocus Scarf by Laura Rintala comes from Colorado (where many of our Crochet Me team members live), where spring can be seventy degrees one day and snowing the next. Silk, while not looking as wintry as wool, is luscious next to the skin and warming when the weather changes suddenly. Starting with a simple fan-lace pattern Laura made this openwork crocheted scarf that looks like spring and yet still chases the lingering chill.

Conch Scarf

The Conch Scarf by Jodi Witt is a beginner crochet pattern that can be found in the 10 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns eBook.The Conch Scarf by Jody Witt is an easy/beginner crochet scarf creates subtle ruffling and an eye-catching colorwork design that is the perfect complement to your outfit. Chubby shells are worked from the center out, and then framed with a second color for this scrumptious crocheted scarf.

Madeline Stole

The Madeline Stole is a fun crochet pattern that is full of pineapple motifs.The Madeline Stole by Sharon Zientara has many exploded pineapple motifs that create this wonderful, unique crochet scarf pattern. The openwork design gives this scarf a beautiful soft drape. The scarf is finished off with sassy tassels you won’t be able to resist playing with.

Shades of Plaid

The fun Shades of Plaid scarf is a crochet scarf pattern that can be found in our free eBook.The Shades of Plaid by Julie Armstrong has woven mesh fabric and the woven chain creates a stunning fabric in this scarf crochet design. Working up quickly in worsted weight yarn, it is exciting to watch the creation of the plaid develop with each step.

Labyrinth Colorful Scarf

The Labyrinth Colorful Scarf by Kristin Omdahl is a crochet scarf pattern that combines two colorful motifs.The Labyrinth Colorful Scarf by Kristin Omdahl is a crochet scarf pattern combines two colorful motifs to create a log cabin style scarf. Visually, the combination of colors, stripes, and directions come together in a mesmerizing and colorful scarf.

Please accept our free gift and we hope that you and your loved ones have a happy holidays and a wonderful new year.

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