Crochet Décor That Kids Will Adore

When I was a kid, my creative mother got hold of some crochet rug patterns and made me a bedroom rug. My sister got one, too—hers was a red lion, complete with shaggy red mane, while I had a cool white polar bear. I spent hours lounging on that rug, reading, relaxing, and playing. It made my space truly unique and made me feel so special that I still remember it to this day.

So when I came across Ira Rott and her amazing animal-themed crochet rug patterns, I was instantly transported back to that precious time. But while my old rug would doubtless be horribly dated now, Ira’s patterns are bang up to date for modern crocheters and the children in their lives.

Crochet rug patterns go viral

Ira knew she was onto something with these crochet rug patterns when her elephant rug went viral last year. Receiving over a million hits from social media, the elephant was an overnight sensation, and Ira was catapulted into the spotlight as a unique crochet designer.

Ira Rott’s crochet elephant rug became a viral hit last year and is included in her new pattern book, Crochet Animal Rugs.

On the back of that rapid rise to fame, Ira has now brought her rug patterns together into her first book collection, Crochet Animal Rugs, featuring not only the amazing elephant—re-worked with a more user-friendly ear pattern than the original—but also another 6 crochet rug patterns plus matching pillows and accessories that complete the animal themes.

Crochet Animal Rugs: the book

While the cover star of the book is the “Rock & Roll Panda,” there are also rugs, pillows, and accessories featuring dinosaurs, cats, giraffes, crabs, and monkeys. There are over 20 patterns in the book, plus suggestions of how to vary the colors to create different effects.

The rugs are all made with standard yarn but use multiple strands on the hook for bulk and weight, and Ira recommends adding a non-slip lining to keep things safe and secure. All the patterns in the book are presented with charts as well as written instructions and are suitable for improvers, with all the techniques clearly explained.

The crochet rug patterns in the book can be customized in many ways, including changing the colors, adding bows, and scaling up or down.

I particularly like the fact that all the rugs and accessories are gender neutral; the placement of a simple bow either on the head or under the chin, along with yarn-color choice, can add a suggestion of gender should you wish. I also like the fact that if you use a lighter yarn or crochet thread and a smaller hook, you can scale down the patterns and create placemats or even frame the pieces for unique wall art.

So, thanks to Crochet Animal Rugs, the tradition of a crochet bedroom rug is going to continue for another generation in my family. The only issue will be getting my kids to choose just one of the animals each! Check out the book and see if you can start a family tradition, too, and create crochet décor that kids will adore.

Crochet rug patterns your kids will treasure.


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