Crochet Projects to Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2019

We all do it every year. We make New Year’s resolutions and set goals for a fresh start in January. You’ve probably already resolved to eat healthier, get your 10,000 steps a day, or stay on top of your personal budget. But have you set your crochet goals for the year? For many, crochet can be that calming hobby that keeps us focused and sane throughout life’s many other stresses. It only makes sense to set some crafting goals for the year. Here is a list of 10 crochet projects to help you achieve your craft goals in 2019.

Goal: Teach someone to crochet.

Sick of crocheting by yourself? Teach someone you love to crochet! Not only will you have a future crochet buddy, you’ll become a better stitcher by teaching someone else.

Project: The Hibernation Hat

Hibernation Hat | Credit: Harper Point Photography

Learn the half-double-crochet stitch in rows and then work single crochet in the round. This project teaches the beginning crocheter all the basics and works up quickly so that a new stitcher can get hooked on that finished project feeling!

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Goal: Crochet 20 minutes a day.

They say it takes 21 days to turn something into a habit. Can you think of a better habit than crocheting every day? Sounds pretty fantastic. Set yourself a daily reminder and time yourself on your phone in order to make crochet a part of your daily routine.

Project: Chevron Bedspread
This project seems large and like it might be never-ending. But crochet for 20 minutes a day, every day, and you’ll have a chevron bedspread before you know it!

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You’ll love this book on blankets! | Credit: Ashlee Wadeson and George Boe

Goal: Make your first garment.

It’s time. You can do it. If you’ve stuck to afghans and accessories your whole crochet life, it’s time to expand your crochet repertoire. You deserve a sweater—and you can totally make it for yourself!

Project: Worldly Cardigan

Worldly Cardigan | Credit: Harper Point Photography

This simple cardigan uses minimal shaping and easy stitches. It’s a great project to introduce you to crochet garments.

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Goal: Use craft to help a charity.

If you have a crochet hat in every color and you’re at the point where all your loved ones have a crochet project from you, you might want to consider crocheting for charity. It’s a great way to keep up with your favorite craft and improve the world at the same time.

Project: Plastic Crochet Mat

Make a mat from plastic bags. | Credit: Sara Dudek

This project recycles plastic grocery bags (saving them from the landfill) and is incredibly useful for people experiencing homelessness. This is a great way to direct your crochet efforts.

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Goal: Use up your stash.

How much yarn do you have in your stash right now? If I’m being realistic, I probably have enough to crochet and knit all day, every day for the next five years. A great goal is to come up with fun, creative projects that will help you work your way through that collection.

Project: The Babette Blanket

Babette Blanket | Credit: Chris Hartlove

This large blanket incorporates so many motifs in so many colors and different sizes, you’ll use up your stash yarn in no time!

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Goal: Join a crochet group.

Crochet is always better with friends! Find a crochet group in your area or read up on how to start your own.

Project: Patriotic Waves Lapghan

Patriotic Waves Lapghan | Credit: George Boe

A local crochet group created a number of these patriotic afghans and shared them with veteran organizations. It was great creating them together, and even better donating them together!

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Goal: Design your first project.

If you love experimenting with how stitches fit together, if you love swatching up with different yarns, and if you love thinking through stitch multiples, you might be a natural crochet designer. Try designing your first project this year!

Project: To be determined . . . by you!

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Goal: Learn a new skill.

Every year is a good year to learn something new. Challenge yourself, find a technique you’ve always assumed was too difficult, and give it a go!

Project: Expedition Backpack

Expedition Backpack | Credit: Harper Point Photography

This backpack uses both tapestry crochet and extended stitches. Try learning these two skills at the same time!

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Goal: Try new materials.

Who says yarn is all you can crochet with? If you’re into thinking outside the box this year, try crocheting with different materials.

Project: Rag Yarn Vase Cozy

Rag Yarn Vase Cozy | Credit: Harper Point Photography

This yarn is made from old scraps of fabric! Expand your crochet world by learning to make yarn from rags.

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Goal: Find your crochet Zen.

If the previous goals seem too aspirational for you, make finding peace and relaxation your goal. Grab some soft yarn and start stitching. You’ll find your Zen in no time. Mission accomplished!

Project: Pampered Pajamas

Pampered Pajamas | Credit: Harper Point Photography

Soft pajamas are all you need to relax! Make yourself these and find your crochet Zen all year long!

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Do you have a crochet goal that we have left off this list? Leave a note in the comments below, and we’ll help you find a project to check that goal off your list!

Happy stitching!

(Featured Image Credit: Harper Point Photography)

Achieve your 2019 crochet goals!


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