Crochet Presents for New Big Siblings

Blossom headband and clutch

A new baby means cuddly stuffed animals, tiny sweaters, and little baby blankets. There is so much attention showered on the newest little additions. But, speaking as the oldest child here, it is important not to forget the older siblings. A new baby is a big change, and it’s nice to have a little something that reminds them they are special as well.

This little gift can be quick and easy and if you choose a favorite color to crochet with, it will be especially loved. With a new baby there will be lots of pictures taken and the Blossom Trio is the perfect accessory for posing in front of the camera. In my experience, little girls love carrying a little purse with chapstick and their favorite toys, and the Rosa Clutch is perfect with its colorful flower embellishments. There is also an embellished headband that compliments the baby headband.

Sir Stephen the Bunny

Another great gift idea is a crocheted toy. Sir Stephen the Bunny is a cuddly amigurumi any child will love dragging along on their adventures. This sweet toy is also perfect for any age. I have had to retrieve my Sir Stephen from more than one adult coworker.

Another fun toy is Cornhole Beanbags (see below). Give the older kids a fun new game to play while Mom or Dad are changing diapers and warming bottles. They’ll soon join in. These bean bags are a lot of fun to play with!
For the adventurous child there are absolutely fabulous Sasquatch Slippers and Mittens and the super silly Aitches (see below).

Sasquatch Slippers and Mittens

Download your Crochet Gifts for Big Siblings Pattern Collection today for the perfect present for the new big kids in the family.

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P.S. Share with us in the comments, do you crochet something special for older siblings?

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