Crochet Birthday Poems with Love of Crochet Fall 2017

What happens when crochet and poetry unite? You get bewitching limericks!

Perhaps you’ve noticed that we have a lot of talented writers at Interweave (if not, check out the Interweave blog). Some staffers have degrees in writing/journalism and others simply love to write. For Love of Crochet’s fifth birthday, I asked a couple of our prolific writers if they would be willing to pen a limerick about crochet. I chose limericks because they are only five lines long.

Get it? Fifth birthday, 5-line poem.

Anyhoo, here are three fun limericks my coworkers and I came up with. A big thank you to Janice Tapia for illustrating them!

Three Crochet Poems

love of crochet fall 2017

“Turning Five” has my name on it, but really, it was a collaborative effort with my twin sister, Deborah Bagley. She and I each wrote a couple of the lines and mixed and matched a couple of different poems until we settled on this limerick.

Turning Five
By Dana Bincer & Deborah Bagley

LOC’s turning 5, did you hear?
No time for cooking or cleaning, my dear,
Can’t talk, counting stitches,
No time to wash dishes,
Oh look, the latest issue is here!

love of crochet fall 2017

My boss, Lisa Shroyer, is funny, smart, and talented. In “Cinch to Tighten,” she captures the joy of crochet in just 5 little lines.

Cinch to Tighten
By Lisa Shroyer

Cluster, bobble, popcorn, and stitch,
Yarn over hook and scratch that itch.
The need to make, the love of lace;
The yummy yarn that lights your face—
Make a loop and catch your joy, then cinch!

love of crochet fall 2017

Interweave’s director of content strategy, Stephen Koenig, is wicked smart with words. I dropped him an email and within 10 minutes he sent me back this clever limerick.

Bewitching Crochet
By Stephen Koenig

Should you find your crochet hooks are twitching
And the pattern you work is bewitching
You might find that your trouble
Is your single’s a double!
Pesky loops playing tricks with your stitching.

My limerick and other fun birthday-related stuff appear in Love of Crochet Fall 2017. You’ll find the top 5 favorite projects from our readers published in the last 5 years as well as some birthday products that you’ll absolutely love.

To round out this birthday celebration, we have a free birthday cake coloring page for you to download, too!


Celebrate With Us!

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