Crochet + Pirate Hat + Goose: A Contest

Tonight I got an email that's left me doubled over laughing. I can't sleep because I keep giggling. I could send another reply to the inquirer and ask about the context, but I thought it might be a fun creative exercise to throw this open to the whole crochet community.

And so.


  • Write a 300-word (maximum) piece of fiction that ends with some form of the line "Do you have a crochet pattern for a pirate hat small enough to fit a goose?"
  • Minor variations in grammar are acceptable, but the meaning must ring true.
  • Leave a comment to this post with your entry.

I imagine just the thought of participating will be enticing enough, but I'll come up with some sort of prize. I'll arbitrarily close the contest, likely within a week.


UPDATE (2 December 2008): Aaaand the (very belatedly announced) winner is: Fraucoach, whose story had me laughing and laughing. Thank you, all who participated!

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