Crochet Pencil Case


Erangi Udeshika


Materials List

Materials :

  • 3.25mm crochet hook 
  • Black (MC) 25g, small amount of dark blue (CA), small amount of light blue (CB) sport weight. 
  • Piece of lining 7.5” x 9” rectangle, sewing threads, 9″ long zipper (black color) for lining. 

Finished Size

Finished size = 8.5” long, 3.5” tall  


Gauge : 5 dc, 1.5 rows = 1 inch


About the pattern :
I made this for a school teacher friend of my mother, she wants to make it with dark colors. Not fancy looking, but beautiful and simple one. 
So I chose black, dark blue and light blue. I could find them easily from my rest of yarn collection. What a great idea I have done keeps the rest of the yarn. I was very happy for what I had done. So I began to crochet, but I had no idea about the design I could add. After doing some hdc rows with black color I want to add stripes with simple pattern adding by blue colors. Suddenly I remembered beautiful leaping stripes by Moogly. After making little changes for leaping stripes, and it matched with my project nicely. Thank you Moogly.

Work going in rounds. Can be added any colors or more than three colors.

The Pattern

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