Crochet Patterns So Lovely I Want Them All

Temperatures are warming up here, and I am getting excited for flowers, warm breezes, crochet lace, and all things spring. It's time to pull out my small hooks, light-weight yarn, and find the perfect lace pattern.

  Felted Flower Bag by Kristin Omdahl

For the ideal design, I am turning to Kristin Omdahl's newest book, Crochet So Lovely. Her patterns are gorgeoust. Here is Kristin to tell us more about her inspiration.

Crochet So Lovely

This collection is truly dear to my heart. As a math fanatic who often gets really focused on the construction and technical aspect of design, but also loves fashion and dressing up, I thought I'd challenge myself to design a collection of romantic, feminine, and girlie wearables after my own heart. Before I began this book, I promised myself I would ask this question for each piece: If money were no object and I was going on a very special date with Prince Charming, would I still wear this? If I couldn't say yes, it didn't make the cut. I thought of the kind of outings and the types of looks I would want to wear, and this book is the result.

Queen of the Night Beret by
Kristin Omdahl

These designs are wearable and versatile for all of your adventures—from sunset beach picnic, to afternoon art festival, to live and local acoustic concert, to weekend getaway, and beyond. I poured my heart into this collection and enjoyed the process very much. I have many favorites and couldn't possibly choose one. The felted bag makes me squeal with delight. The trapeze tank top looks good worn so many ways, the hairpin lace motifs (in two projects) are gorgeous and mesmerizing, and my love of floral inspiration is quite strong throughout the collection. And the technical side of me was able to squeeze in a few crazy techniques (wouldn't you be disappointed if I didn't?).

  Liliana Pullover by Kristin Omdahl

I'm so excited to share this book with you. I hope you enjoy making (and wearing) these pieces as much as I do!

— Kristin Omdahl

These new designs are incredible! I want every one of them, and I can imagine the incredible adventures I will have with each one.

Pre-order or download your copy of Crochet So Lovely today and discover more of the innovative, stylish, and lacey designs we have come to love from Kristin Omdahl.

Best wishes,

P.S. P.S. Share your favorite spring crochet technique or garment style in the comments.

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