Crochet Patterns for Your Summer Adventure

The weather is warm, the trees and grass are green, and the fields around me are full of wildflowers. I am ready for a summer adventure. When I was little my family went on a camping trip in the mountains at least once a year, usually several times. I loved listening to the song of the birds and the burble of the stream, and I loved the adventure of exploring someplace new and different.

When you take your own trip this year, whether it is camping in the mountains, visiting a foreign country, or a trip to the local gardens, here are some great options for the perfect wardrobe choices that also make great crochet projects for your trip.

  The Shasta Dress by Dora Ohrenstein is perfect for browsing the local farmer's market or a trip to wander the historical streets in Europe. The pattern is an easily memorized repeat with simple shaping at the sides. I think this design would also look beautiful shortened into gorgeous top.
  The Scamp Bandana by April Garwood is a stylish way to keep you hair out of your face whether you are spending the day rock climbing or hiking in the mountains. The length of this bandana is easily customized and the pattern is quickly memorized, so you can whip up several on your next trip even if the pattern has an unfortunate meeting with the nearby stream.

And for some fun, don't forget the Gypsy Boxers by Doris Chan. These lacy bottoms would look stunning pulled over your bathing suit and a longer version, Gypsy Pants, is the perfect lounge wear for beside the beach or for lounging on your back porch with a good book.

Start planning your exciting summer adventures today and order or download Interweave Crochet Summer 2014 for the perfect project to crochet and wear.

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P.S. Do you have an exciting adventure planned for the summer? Share your adventure plans or dreams in the comments.

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