A Crochet-Off for You: The Ghost Ranch Shawlette

The Ghost Ranch Shawlette “crochet-off” has, so far, been an absolute blast. We are one week in, and all of the participants have completed the body portion of the shawl. We’re all eager to begin the border to see how the different colorways will turn out.

The most exciting part of this shawlette project was deciding which of the colorways to select. The Ghost Ranch Shawlette Kit comes in the Chinook colorway, but we had an opportunity to take a look at some of the other colorways in the Freia Fine Handpaints Ombre Fingering Shawl Ball Yarn collection. All of the colorways in this collection would make a striking shawl using the Ghost Ranch Shawlette pattern. Michelle and Lynn didn’t seem to have too much trouble deciding which to use, but Suzanne and I both vacillated between the Vamp and the Ember colorways (we share a love of reds). I also really liked Dirty Hippie and Flare. Eventually, we took a deep breath and just chose a ball.

Michelle selected Ice Queen and decided to pull from the outside of the ball as opposed to pulling from the middle. She said, “I pictured the ocean with waves coming in on a tropical beach. The waves start out large with a deep hue as they build on the ocean.  As they near and then reach the beach, the color lightens ‘til you are left with lacy white foam as the only sign that the waves existed.  Anyone else think it might be time for a beach vacation?” Michelle, I can taste the piña coladas already.

Lynn chose the Aurora colorway and pulled from the center. She explained, “I chose it because I really like the pea-green shade on the outside of the ball. I’m also fond of the deep teal and aqua shades.” As another fan that really digs teal and aqua, I find this colorway both fun and fresh.


Suzanne picked the Vamp colorway. It has a vibrant shade of red in the center and she wanted that close to her face with the shades of purple melding into the border. She told me, “The yarn and stitch make for a very beautiful combination. When the colors changed, it was almost magical.”

I settled on the Ember colorway. I loved the tones of brown, yellow, orange, and red. I pulled from the center so the most ornate part of the pattern would be in the orange and red.

With just 8 more rows to go in the pattern, we are heading for the homestretch. We are all eagerly awaiting the grand finale, and will show off our work when finally complete!

Keep On Hookin’ On,

—Dana Leigh

Hook Into the Ghost Ranch Shawlette


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