Discover the Crochet Net Stitch with the Atoll Scarf

The crochet net stitch, like many crochet stitches and even crochet itself, is a beautiful stitch with a murky history. Also sometimes called crochet mesh stitch, the crochet net stitch is an openwork lace pattern that is ideal for everything from scarves and shawls to sweaters and skirts. Just take a look at these gorgeous crochet patterns. Each one uses the net or mesh stitch.

crochet net stitch

Minty Fresh Poncho by Wendy Lewis, Network Shawlette by Annette Petavy, Pineapple Sheath by Tammy Hildebrand, Atoll Scarf by Alla Koval, Geometry Dress by Lily M. Chin, Botanical Pullover by Kristin Omdahl

The name net stitch refers to the appearance of the pattern, and it is generally created with just single crochet and chain stitches. Let’s take a look at the stitch. After working your beginning chain, turn and single crochet in the second chain from the hook. Now we’re ready to start the net stitch. Chain the desired number of chains. You can make the net stitches as long as you would like but five to seven chain stitches is the general length used. Go ahead and chain 5. Skip the next 5 chain stitches in your beginning chain, single crochet in the next chain. Chain five again, skip five chains, single crochet in the next chain and continue in this pattern to the end of the row or round.

crochet net stitch

In the following rounds, you will chain five and single crochet in the chain five space from the previous round across to continue the crochet net pattern. This creates an openwork net pattern that has many benefits.

  1. Easy and relaxing. The net stitch is easy and fun. We all need a simple fun project, especially during the summer. Whether it’s a long drive, a plane trip, or just relaxing on the back deck with family, you always have a project in your hands right? You need a pattern that’s easy to memorize, and hard to mess up while you are visiting or changing planes.
  2. A little goes a long way. Have a couple of hanks of luxury yarn? Openwork crochet net stitch lace patterns help your luxury yarn go a long way. The openwork net pattern creates a large amount of “fabric” with fewer stitches.
  3. Gorgeous drape. Crochet net stitch is a lace pattern and the negative space between stitches gives it beautiful drape. The openwork nature of net stitch can also be incredibly flattering when used for garments.
  4. Cool and breezy. Crochet net stitch patterns are a type of crochet lace which gives you a beautiful openwork design. This lace makes it the perfect go-to stitch for summer sweaters, skirts, and scarves like the Atoll Scarf.
Atoll Scarf

Atoll Scarf by Alla Koval, Interweave Crochet Spring 2019

The Atoll Scarf by Alla Koval introduces shell and picot stitches to the crochet net to create a unique and beautiful crochet scarf that is worked in the round. This summer discover the fun of the Atoll Scarf and add this gorgeous crochet mesh stitch scarf to your wardrobe.

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