Coffee + Crochet = Bliss

Today is a day celebrated by caffeine addicts the world over—it’s National Coffee Day! Whether or not you’re a fan of this fine beverage, you probably know someone who can’t make it through the day without one or more cups.

If you like both coffee and crochet, this list of comparisons between yarn and coffee is for you. Since the number of coffee-based beverages is almost as varied as the number of yarns in the world this list isn’t exhaustive, but we tried to include the most popular types.

1. Home-Brewed Drip Coffee

This is like inexpensive acrylic yarn—no frills or special features, just plain and to the point. It forms the base of many projects and can be dressed up with special stitches, similar to the way you can add cream, sugar, and other flavors to your coffee. If this description fits you both either beverage-wise or yarn-wise, try the Rainbow Blanket. It uses 100% acrylic yarn, and the simple wave pattern is spiced up with some popcorn stitches.

2. Café Au Lait

A step above the standard drip coffee, we like to think of the café au lait as an acrylic/wool blend. It’s still inexpensive, and the affordability is definitely enhanced by the warmth of the wool. If this is your drink, check out the Snowcap Hat and Mittens set it’s easy, affordable, and fun!

3. Cappuccino

Decadent, smooth, and rich—this drink puts us in mind of smooth merino wool. It slides off your hook in much the same way a cappuccino slips down your throat and gives you a feeling of warmth and relaxation. For lovers of this coffee and/or yarn, we recommend the Capital Shawl, where cream and variegated work together to create a stunning project.

4. Mocha

Alpaca comes to mind when considering this delightful beverage. Both alpaca and alpaca-blend projects will give you warmth from the outside in as this coffee beverage warms you from the inside out. What better way to warm up quickly than with a scarf! Try the Twisting Vines Scarf for a quick-warmth project!

5. Iced Coffee

Perfect for a warm summer day, just like cotton and cotton-blend yarns. If you’re a warm-weather crocheter (and coffee drinker), try the Bullion Beach Blanket. This blanket, made one motif at a time, is a real stunner.

6. Kopi Luwak

This coffee is exotic, rare, and expensive, and it reminds us of the wonderful softness of some of the rarer fibers in the yarn world, including Mongolian cashmere, qivuit, and angora. You’ll savor each stitch made with these fibers, just as you’ll delight in each sip of this decadent coffee. If this yarn fits the bill, whip up the Vega Cowl; it’s sure to keep you warm and toasty on cool fall and winter days.

7. Tea or Chai

If tea and/or chai are more your speed, we’ve come up with a comparison for you, too: bamboo! This smooth fiber pairs well with the tea you could drink while you’re working with it. If you’re in need of some awesome toe toppers made from bamboo yarn, check out the Trio of Barefoot Sandals.

So, what do you think of our list? Are there any beverage/yarn comparisons you’d add? Let us know in the comments! And, in honor of National Coffee Day, try making our Caffeine & Chocolate Molecules Earrings pattern — it’s sure to make your fiber enjoyment good to the last stitch!

Happy Stitching!

Susanna Tobias and Dana Leigh

Featured Image Photo Credit: Cyndi Monaghan

National Coffee Day Every Day!

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