Crochet Motifs: Only the Fun

Motifs, whether they are square, circular, octagonal, or granny, are the building blocks of crochet. You can join them to create sweaters, shawls, bags, scarves, and more. I love crocheting motifs, but I dislike joining stacks of them. This last step can be boring and is the reason many of us have stacks of unstacked crochet motifs in the back of our closets.

Joining motifs as you go eliminates that step and allows you to finish the project as you finish the motifs.

Santa Fe Shawl by Edie Ekcman  

Here is Interweave Crochet editor Marcy Smith to tell you about the incredible projects and motif joining methods in Interweave Crochet Presents: A Step-By-Step Guide To Crochet Motifs And Granny Squares.

  Banjo Bag by Sharon Ballsmith

Joining Motifs

Motifs! Such a joy to crochet, such a tedious task to join. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Edie Eckman shows you how to join a variety of motifs, from lacy rounds to solid squares, in "Join Motifs as You Go." Armed with this information, you can boldly stride into one of the five diverse motif-based patterns in this eBook.

Edie Eckman puts her techniques to work in the Santa Fe Shawl. This shawl features just four motifs, but the clever juggling of four colors makes it seem that there are many more motif styles. All are joined as you go, so when you finish the last motif, everything is all put together.

Moth Wings Shrug by Mimi Alelis  

There's no such thing as too many project bags, right? The Banjo Bag is a completely reversible bag, featuring different colors on each side. The double density means this bag won't sag under the weight of your next motif project tucked inside.

  Carmen's Jazz Scarf by Sue B. Balcom

The Moth Wings Shrug will tuck nicely into that bag. Calling for just a few balls of thread, this delicate garment is a bit of a time investment, but it certainly worth the effort. Perfect for a special summer occasion, this shrug will draw compliments from all.

Rather go large? Carmen's Jazz Scarf is a celebration of the glorious potential of The Yarn Stash. The oversized motifs work up quickly, so you can wrap up in this beauty in no time.

And if you want to wear your motifs with sleeves, the Abelia Jacket is calling your name. A rectangular swath of joined motifs with sleeves added, this jacket will keep you cozy. As with most of these motif-based projects, it is purely addictive. One motif leads to another until rather quickly, it seems, you have a garment ready to wear.

Abelia Jacket by Judith L. Swartz  

With this eBook in hand, you can learn to join motifs and make a wide range of motif-based crochet projects. Download your copy of Interweave Crochet Presents: A Step-By-Step Guide To Crochet Motifs And Granny Squares today and explore joining motifs as you go.


P.S Which pattern do you want to start first?



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