Crochet Motfs in the Summer Sun

I feel it when I step outside and the weather forecast has confirmed it; summer is definitely pushing its way through the door. Warmer temperatures and travel plans have changed my crochet choices as I imagine it has many of yours.

But one of my favorite designs remains, perfect as it is for warm and cold weather designs. Motifs are the classic building blocks of crochet. But while we may first think of the chunky designs of granny squares or crochet afghans, lacy crochet motifs are perfect for layered summer wear.  A few of my favorites are in Robyn Chachula's Blueprint Crochet.

  Inspired by Gothic architecture and designed to be worn with bridesmaid dresses, the Katie Bolero is a stunning bolero. This top looks beautiful with a sundress or just slipped on over a tank-top and paired with jeans.
  The Paige Sweatheart Top is an elegant layer worked in bamboo, a great summer fiber choice. A light and breezy top with romantic construction, this delicate lace cardigan allows you to stay cool while highlighting the possibilities of crochet motifs.
  I am in love with the beautifully draped collar of the Raeanne Shawl Sweater. Simple lace crochet motifs are simply joined as you go. Button the front for a structured tailored look or leave the front open for an easy draped appearance.
  The perfect layer to combat a light breeze, I think the Megan Sweater would look stunning with three-quarter length sleeves. These lacey motifs are gorgeous and joined as you go, making the job of modifying your cardigan easy and intuitive.

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P.S. Do you have a favorite crochet technique for summer crochet?

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