Crochet Me’s Next Big Adventure

I have some huge, exciting news! has been acquired by Interweave. As most of you know, I have been working at Interweave for the last couple of years as editor of Interweave Crochet. The sale of the site is not related directly to my work there, though. I'll explain.

As you know, is my baby. I have loved and nurtured and at times neglected it over nearly five years. The site, and more importantly you, its community, are enormously important to me. In the last couple of years I have not had the time, energy, nor resources to continue nudging the site and community to grow, and I found myself this past spring in a bit of a conundrum. How could I enable the site to continue to thrive without having the much needed money and craftpower to fuel it?

That's when I started talking with the VP for eMedia at Interweave, Eric Shanfelt. Over several months he convinced me that Interweave gets the all-important It and that they'll do wonderful things to maintain the Crochet Me community and encourage it to grow. They get that people are the most important thing about They get that one of the most special things about the site is that it has always been a playground for people to explore their creativity. They get that the people who publish their thoughts and ideas and designs here are just as important as the people who make stuff and learn from the site. They get that the internet is an overflowing resource for crafts inspiration and fun, and they have the resources to give what I cannot.

And there's the other part of it. I'm a little burnt out on crochet, kids. I lived the dream of making my hobby my career, and in the end, like so many other people who have done the same, I pretty much lost my hobby. When I stop working at the end of each day, I reach for my knitting needles or a book or a pen instead of my hook. I stopped wanting to surf the web for exciting and innovative crochet. And so, entirely independent of my decision to sell, I am stepping down as editor of Interweave Crochet. (I've written more about my decision on my blog at

That's kind of a lot to announce all at once, so I'll do some Q&A in a possibly terrible attempt to anticipate your questions. If I don't address your questions here, please do ask in the comments; chances are other people want to know the same thing.

What will happen to all the great patterns, articles, and tips? And
the forums? Egads! Will it all go away?! Will we have to—*gasp*—pay for

Rest assured, all of the user-generated content on the site (i.e., the
patterns and tips and articles and forum posts you have posted or had
published on since the site was started in 2004) will
stay just where it is, for free.

Is the site going to be all about making Interweave money, now?
The site will remain all about making crocheters happy. Yes, of course Interweave wants to make money. Frankly, this site has always needed to make money and I've never had the resources to make that happen (both because I'm a terrible salesperson and because I've always been so busy making my own living). But as I said, Interweave gets it. They won't sacrifice your experience of!

So, did Kim just up and decide to sell out because she felt like quitting her job at the magazine?
No! My decision to leave the magazine is complicated, but I made that decision before I thought selling the site would be a reality. I have known for a very long time that needs a lot more money than I can give it, and a lot more time spent on it than I have. If Interweave weren't around to enthusiastically take the helm, there's a good chance I'd have to pull the plug on the site altogether. That said, I would never make reckless choices just to keep the site alive; I believe very strongly that Interweave is exactly what needs not only to survive, but to thrive.

I've posted patterns and tips on the site. Does Interweave own them now?
No. Just like I never owned your content, neither does Interweave. You retain the rights you've chosen to (any Creative Commons licenses you've applied to your work still apply).

Is Kim jumping ship now that she's sold
No! With Interweave taking over the under-the-hood maintenance of the site and all the other administrative and forward-thinking tasks, I will remain involved at a very high level, lending my thoughts and ideas about what the community needs and how best to continue to push crochet online. I'll also continue to blog on the site, and in fact will blog more than I have these last couple of years.

I'm sort of freaking out over here! My arms, they're waving about! I might start hyperventilating!
No worries. As I said, it took me a very long time to get comfortable with the idea of putting into the hands of someone else—of course it will take you a while to get comfortable, too. But do rest assured: There was not one moment over the last several months that the needs of this community weren't my number one priority when I was working things out with Interweave. I very much trust them, and I'm very, very excited about the future of I'm also personally excited to be involved with the site again, without the worries that had me so bogged down I ended up withdrawing for so long. So do take your time, and ask me any questions you have.

Crochet is an epic adventure! Here's to the next level.

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