Crochet Me US Book Launch – An Epic Recounting

Nearly a week has passed, and I'm still giddy from the Crochet Me book launch. Giddy, exhausted, and in a frenzy to catch up on work. I've come to accept that no time will be a good time to write this post and make it perfect, so I just have to dive in.

First, check out the accounts of the other four launch events! Julie held an event in Seattle; Kristin in Michigan; Amy in Baltimore; and Robyn in Cleveland. (Poor Robyn got sick on the way to the event. But she wrote an amazing blog post about her design process for her patterns in the book.)

Jaime, the amazing Interweave publicist, put together this slideshow of pics from all the events:

Ok. On to Webs. I'll let the photos do the talking.

ripple blanket

Emma Jane came from Toronto, and she was kind enough to bring Mr Cme along with her, since he was in Toronto for a conference. Serendipity! Along with my favourite man, she also brought her completed ripple blanket. It is warm and wooly, and it was so cool to fondle someone else's ripple.

Anyway, we all stayed the night with my parents (these are my parents, below, with the Mr), then we drove out to Webs. WEBS! There are no words.

book launch

This is where I started being a very bad photo documenter. I did not take a photo of the amazing spread of food and beverages they had out. I did not take a photo of the table they had set up in front of all these folding chairs. Nor did I take a photo of the entire trunk show displayed on dress dummies and hangers. [Ok, I didn't take photos, but I do have video! It's just taking a long time to edit.] I knew Webs would put on a good show, but I never expected it to be so… man; there are no words. Webs rocks. As if you didn't already know.

This is Laurie. It was way fun to meet her and her sister (both of whom left with door prizes. Lucky family!). Check out that armband action.


We, of course, visited the famous warehouse. Emma had a hard time taking it all in. She spent quite a while at the front there marveling at the quantity of yarn.

Here's Kathy meeting the original Babette Blanket for the first time. It was a lovely moment to witness. This was on that table I mentioned. Check out all those books!

And then, okay. I had to actually do my thing. To my shock and awe, the seats filled. And Kathy made a champagne toast (that champagne played its role throughout the day, really), and I believe I started talking and I have no recollection of what I said. I know I waved my arms around a fair bit, because I managed to knock my champagne glass over right on top of the Circle Rug (I believe I'd just been saying that the version I had with me is machine washable. Either that or I'm conveniently rewriting history to serve my own wit). I talked about each of the projects I had and about the designers who made them, and I waved my arms some more, and I believe I might have said some stuff about exploring our creativity and taking wee risks, and about how that's as important in the rest of life as it is in our yarn life. And the next thing I knew I was shopping for yarn. I haven't taken a photo of it yet. I'll share when I do. It's green.


I met many, many lovely people. Avid crocheters from all walks of life (some drove a few hours to come to the event!). We talked about crochet. I hadn't had more fun in recent memory.

In all the excitement, a wee detail was overlooked. But thankfully, it came out later in the evening. See, many lovely Interweavers arrived in Northampton on Sunday night for meetings we had over the next couple of days. And so after the launch, when we were all relaxing (or trying to relax, in my case, because I was so completely jacked up after the event), Kathy brought out the Crochet Me book cover cookie cake. I despise cake and I adore cookies. You might imagine how perfect this moment was.


I took a bite out of it, ceremoniously.

cookie cake

And then I ate my name.

my name

And that, dear readers, is my I-can't-possibly-do-justice-to-the-amazingness-that-was-the-launch-event recap.

Next up: The Canadian book launch at Urban Yarns (Point Grey), this coming Tuesday at 6pm. Julie's coming up from Seattle, kids! And Cynthia will be there, too. I can't wait.

And a few days after that: Portland. I'm all shivery thinking about it. I've been to Portland once, for a whirlwind day of Blythe and books and Anthropologie. And now I get to go back, to meet crocheters. And Megan is coming! I get to meet Megan, too. Come say hello at Yarn Garden on Saturday the 27th, eh?

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