Crochet Me Book Launch: Sunday 14 October!

Sneak Peek: Crochet Me, The Book I don't know about you, but these days I need three months' notice to make important plans. So I'm not at all jumping the gun when I kill two birds with one stone and share my total, complete giddiness about the Crochet Me book launch and invite you to join us at the same time. And as an added bonus, I'm throwing down the gauntlet in a similar fashion to the one our favourite Harlot threw down to knitters a few months back.

It's time we crocheters get heard, right? Lemme hear a “YES!” And, as we've chatted about on this here blog for many years, a good way for us to be heard in this industry is to show up (and spending some cash doesn't hurt when our goal is alerting the industry to our yarn-loving presence)! So, let's fill up one of the largest yarn stores in N. America, okay? Lemme here an “OKAY!


To all Northeasterners, Southeastern Canadians, those with frequent flyer miles or a penchant for road tripping:

Please join me for the American launch of Crochet Me: Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution! (No fear, West Coasters; we'll have a Canadian launch in Vancouver, too; TBD)

When: Sunday, October 14th (2-4pm; it's foliage season, so you should plan to spend the whole day in the area, really)

Where: WEBS in Northampton, MA! (Yes, kids. Kathy and Steve are hosting what could possibly be the greatest crochet party Northampton has ever seen. They rock!)

Why: Because you are a crocheter. Because you know deep down in your marrow that it's time to represent. Because you've read my blather for three years and it's time to hear how fast I can talk when I'm jacked up on caffeine and the WEBS warehouse, and for the increasingly-not-very-rare opportunity to see me bang my fist in the name of crochet. Because you're dying to see the real-live projects from the book. Because you need an excuse to go to a lovely New England town when the leaves will be a riot of colour, so you can spend an afternoon with friends you didn't even know you had. Because the following weekend is Rhinebeck and you're dying to make October a month of fiber. And really, because you want to be a part of the crochet revolution! You NEED to be a part of it.)

RSVP to WEBS to reserve your spot. And note: Part of my giddiness in announcing the book launch so early is because I think it would be pretty freaking amazing to fill up the huge space. You in?

UPDATE: Maryse reminded me that the stupid comments are fubar. I've added the launch to Eventful, so if you can't leave a comment here, leave one there! And then we'll have the added bonus of showing the civilian (read: non-crocheting) world how strong our numbers are. Rock.

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