Crochet Me Book Is Shipping!

It still lists the pub date as a couple weeks out, but Amazon is shipping Crochet Me! To boot, I got a lovely email yesterday morning that the book was spied at an LYS in Washington, DC. Ayeeee!

While I'm going on about the book, I thought I'd clear something up. I came across an opinion today that the title of the book must be a misnomer because is free and is all about the free, and the book is not free. I'm not at all bugged by this, but it's an understandable take, and I thought I'd clear things up:

Although is free, its goal in life (pardon the personification) is not to be free, per se. Its goals in life are to explore the craft, push its boundaries, and spark the imaginations and inspirations of crocheters everywhere. (In the interest of meeting these goals, I've always been committed to the site being free.) The book exists only because Crochet exists. The designers in the book are in the book because they've been involved with I asked them all to talk about their approach to the craft in the book, in the interest of furthering the goals of the website (which, not coincidentally, are my personal goals. I started the site. It all comes together, see). The book—it having a budget, a generous timeline, professional photography, an editor, a production staff—enabled us to spend more time and energy on the overall product than the free, often rushed site allowed us (before the revamp). In other words, it allowed us to explore and push our craft in different ways than the site allowed/s.

And really, I hope you love it as much as I do. And I love it. Like, gaze at it across the room and think of all the designers and crocheters and yarns and patterns and potentials and fashions and techniques and editing and writing love love love it.

I really need to go pack now.

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