Crochet Lace for Summer

When I say lace sweaters what comes to your mind? Is it incredible thread projects that require hours, or perhaps years, to complete? I love the beautiful play of openwork, positive and negative space, that can be created with fiber and crochet hook. But by thinking about lace merely in thread and laceweight yarn, we miss out on some of the most beautiful examples of crochet lace.

Megan Sweater by Robyn Chachula  

Lace garments crocheted in sport-, DK-, or even worsted-weight yarns create a beautiful contrast between the solid lines of the stitches and the openwork spaces that create the lace. Worked in a DK-weight wool and silk blend, the Megan Sweater by Robyn Chachula is a beautiful example of crocheted lace. Like many of Robyn's designs, the Megan Sweater is constructed of motifs that are joined as you go.

Maggie Wrap Granny Square diagram
Maggie Wrap Granny Square

Robyn Chachula is a master of motif-based designs. In Blueprint Crochet, her patterns come with several diagrams that clearly illustrate each motif, and they repeat a part of the motif in a diagram that shows how to join the motifs. You will find each motif color-coded so that every other round is blue, making it easier to track which round you are on.

In the Maggie Wrap Granny Motif diagram, you can see the basics of the motif: you begin at the center, where a number in a circle shows you how many chains to make (9 for this motif). You join with a slip stitch, then work a single crochet in each chain (those are the little plus signs). The diagrams have a key that shows you what stitch each symbol represents. Work from the center out, with each round growing in size.

Joining Two Maggie Wrap Grannies

In the Joining Two Grannies diagram, the bottom motif is complete and ready to be joined. The inner part of the motif is blank, so you are not distracted by stitches that don't concern the joining motif. You need only to know where to join on the outer round (the little blue dots on the bottom motif). The outer blue round on the top motif is the round you work, joining the complete motif on one side.

The pattern includes diagrams for joining two motifs, then four motifs. A large schematic illustrates the arrangement of motifs for the complete garment.

Katie Bolero by Robyn Chachula

Each pattern is also written out in words, in case the diagrams make you dizzy. But even if you prefer to follow the written directions, the diagram can help you visualize the final motif more clearly.

Crochet lace garments worked in heavier weight yarns are the perfect quick summer project too. I love the Katie Bolero. This beautiful lace bolero is moving to the top of my crochet queue.

Download Blueprint Crochet: Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter by Robyn Chachula today and create amazing crochet lace for year-round wear.

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P.S. Download the Maggie Wrap pattern for free.

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