Crochet Jewelry Ingredients

Looking for a quick crochet project, something that will draw attention with only a minimal number of stitches? Crochet jewelry not only is an eye-catching accessory that is great for year-round use, but necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are easy to whip up in a few evenings. There are a few essential ingredients to think about before beginning your crochet jewelry.

Mehndi Necklace by Lori Carlson  

The Yarn

Most crochet jewelry is worked in lace-weight yarn or cotton thread. The fine weight allows you to crochet intricate stitch patterns while keeping the finished piece relatively small. Intricate stitch patterns can strain your eyes, so before you get started make sure you are in a well lit room-or deck chair as my preference may be-and choose a comfortable hook. Crocheters have a tendency to grip the hook too tightly when working with thread, causing hand cramps.

  Zylphia Necklace by Robyn Chachula

The Design

The complex jewelry design is often based on a motif. This means that many jewelry patterns include stitch diagrams, making them the ideal project for visual crocheters. The diagrams are an invaluable tool for deciphering how stitches build on each other to form the finished pieces.

The Finishing

If you, like me, plan to whip up a motif studded necklace or matching earrings for a special event, be sure to set aside at least one night for blocking and stiffening. You can use a variety of products to stiffen you finished crochet jewelry, from products specifically designed to shape thread to watered down glue. But if this is your first time stiffening crochet, I would recommend crocheting an extra motif or two to practice on.

Island Necklace by Robyn Chachula  

A Touch of Sparkle

If you want to add a little extra bling to your crochet jewelry, try embellishing it with buttons or beads. Bead and buttons can be stitched on after you finish crocheting the piece or you can use bead crochet to add a touch of sparkle as you go.

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