Crochet Intervention

If you have any connection with the Crochet Guild of America, you know Gwen Blakley Kinsler, who started the whole thing. Gwen's alter ego is Crochet Kween. You can find out all about that here.

Wimi caught up with Gwen and her friend Nancy Smith, aka missyboo, in Manchester, New Hampshire in July.

That's Gwen on the right, missyboo on the left.

Gwen had a special friend for Wimi to meet:

That's Prin, short for Princess (because Gwen is the Queen, you know).

As I moved through the Chain Link Conference, I kept hearing about a video being produced during the conference. Seems I kept just missing the taping. I was treated to a late-night rendition of some lines by Kimberly K. McAlindin (you can learn more about Kimberly here). Here's a picture of Kimberly shortly before the performance:

Her lines were great.

And now, the video is done. It's all about how crochet took over Crochet Kween's life, affecting any and all who came near her. It's pretty funny. I think you'll like it.

You'll find it here.



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