Crochet Instruction: Whenever, Wherever

Crocheters are a passionate group. Not only do we always carry a work in progress, have a computer and file cabinet full of patterns, and always "need" another skein or two of yarn, but we love to share our knowledge with each other.

Learn how to design motif garments.  

If we have a question about how to work a crochet technique or stitch or how to work a particular construction, our first instinct is to call a crochet friend (someone we look up to as an expert). And when we are the expert called, we are thrilled to pass on our tips and tricks.

Mosaic crochet

Unfortunately, my favorite time to crochet is late at night. It is the perfect way to relieve stress after a particularly long day. A couple of hours of crochet is the ideal way to guarantee a restful night of sleep. But I'd hesitate to call any of my crochet friends that late at night.

I do have a generous selection of crochet books and back issues of Interweave Crochet, but what I really need is the ability to watch a real person work that tricky stitch or technique. And I do still have certain holes in my personal library.

However, now I-and you as well-can have access to full length video workshops and episodes of Knitting Daily TV from a Mac, PC, iOS & most Android devices like the Kindle and Kindle Fire with The best part is that these videos are available any time of the day or night and can be watched over and over. Try adding bookmarks to your favorite parts to easy reference.

An example of Estonain knitting.

You will find crochet video workshops on mosaic crochet, garment and accessory designing, edgings, motifs, and more. Plus check out the great knitting workshops on Estonian lace, domino knitting, reversible cables with Lily Chin, and so much more.

Domino knitting

A subscription to is like an open invitation to visit your favorite experts studios any time you need a crochet fix. So get your subscription today!

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