Crochet Inspiration

Where do you find crochet inspiration? Do you find it in the fashion magazines you leaf through at the supermarket, from your latest issue of Interweave Crochet, or from natural or architecture?

Crochet stitches can re-create the shapes and structure of the things that surround us. Recently, in browsing through photographs stored on my computer, I found some pictures from a trip to Vancouver Canada for an Interweave Crochet photo shoot. There were leaves bigger than my head that I would love to re-create in a variegated yarn. The architecture of the Chinese garden (below) makes me itch to crochet Mandarin collars and intricate stitch patterns.

The pictures reminded me of the motifs in the Interweave Crochet 2011 Calendar, probably because they seem inspired by nature and architecture. I pulled out my copy and studied each month's motif. (I can't wait until January when I can hang it on my kitchen wall.)


  The Five Branches motif reminds me of the desert flowers that grow in the field behind my parent's house in Wyoming. As a child, I loved studying the way the stems swirled along the arid ground. I could make several of these motifs and join them to create a desert shawl or shrug.

  The Sylvan Circles motif makes me want to sit down and sketch; I love the design. I could use the motif as the focal point of an afghan or adapt the circle edging as a trim on a sweater. The fact that every motif in the calendar is accompanied by both written instructions and a stitch diagram makes it easy to use them as a step in the creative process.

Of course each motif is beautiful in its own right. Wouldn't they make fun coasters or trivets, perfect for a quick gift? Some months even offer inspiration of their own, which is another reason to get your hands on the Interweave Crochet 2011 Calendar. October suggests making several leaf motifs and scattering them on the table to celebrate fall while other months prompt you to create a project for yourself, a family member, or a charity.

Now my mind is spinning with ideas and inspiration. I would love hear your project ideas and what inspires you.

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