Crochet Included, The Newest Season of Knitting Daily TV is Coming!

A note from Toni: I can't wait to watch the new Knitting Daily TV Series 900. Each episode is a chance to learn new crochet techniques, tips, and tricks. KDTV Producer Annie Bakken has joined us to share what crocheters can look forward to this year.

Host Eunny Jang and yarn expert Clara Parkes pose with 100% wool yarns for episode 901 of Knitting Daily TV's newest segment, the Yarn Spotlight  

Crocheters shouldn't be hindered by the title Knitting Daily TV, it's a show for yarn lovers of all needlearts. From demystifying yarn to crocheting accessories, crocheters have reason to look forward to the newest season-airing on Public Television this coming July.

What's new on Knitting Daily TV for crocheters?

Each episode of Series 900 includes a yarn spotlight segment with yarn expert Clara Parkes. Clara joins host Eunny Jang to dive into the values, components, and unique characteristics of yarn. You'll learn about 100% wool yarns, experiment with embellished and single-plyed to chain-constructed yarns, and even discuss bamboo and yak yarns. Whether you use two needles or one hook, this yarn information is invaluable. You have to know about your medium to use it to its fullest potential, and Eunny and Clara make suggestions for projects for each yarn showcased.

  Sneak Peek: Kristin demonstrates the crochet motif used in this crocheted infinite mobius pattern, from her upcoming crochet title.

Accessorize with Crochet!

The latest series of Knitting Daily TV also includes a new "Accessorize Me!" segment that spotlights easy to intermediate knit and crochet accessories. Knitting Daily TV Crochet expert Kristin Omdahl shares her Broomstick and Cables crocheted hat pattern, a great versatile crocheted vest for all ages, crocheted jewelry, and even a fun Mobius from her upcoming crochet book.

We hope you tune in to Knitting Daily TV Series 900 this coming July; we think your hooks will be pleased with the one-of-a-kind crochet projects and yarn information. 

Shay Pendray and Kristin Omdahl demonstrate a crocheted cuff made with wire, a free pattern that will be available this coming July on  

Join the crocheters who are fans of Knitting Daily TV. You can now download entire seasons of the show online! Visit the Crochet Me Shop today to watch your favorite how-to television show instantly!

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I am counting down the days until the premiere of Knitting Daily TV Series 900. For now, I will rewatch my favorite episodes from Series 100-800. Download entire seasons from the Crochet Me Shop and visit the blog and tell us which episode is your favorite.



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