Crochet in the Yarn Market

Last year, Soho Publishing relaunched the trade magazine Yarn Market News (last seen in the '80s), geared mostly to retail shop owners, but also to other professionals in the crochet and knitting industry. One thing I love about the mag is its editorial commitment to online trends and content. Another thing I love is its upcoming focus on crochet. The more visible crochet becomes in high-quality, well-read publications, the more shops will hopefully get on the bandwagon to promote and support it. I'm very, very optimistic about this. The mag is only available to industry members (for free!), but it's a great read I highly recommend for all shop owners, designers, writers, and editors.

Full disclosure: I was interviewed for the upcoming feature story on crochet (along with a list of women I'm honoured to be included with), and I wrote an unrelated piece in the same issue.

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