Crochet in Designer’s Homes


Happy Hexagon Throw by Maryse Roudier from Crochet at Home

When I visit a fellow crocheter’s home, I am on the lookout for how they highlight crochet in their home. Are there crochet afghans on the couch or a crochet pillow propped in a chair? Will you find a crochet trivet in the kitchen or an adorable kitten doorstop in the bedroom?

What would crocheters think about my home? I have a stunning crochet afghan in my bedroom, and I am working on crochet pillows for both my bedroom and the living room. I also wonder about other crochet designers. What do they think about crochet home decor? Here is what several of my crochet designer friends have to say about crochet home decor.

Crochet at Home

Nothing makes a house more like a home than filling it with your own personal touches—and what better way to do that than with crochet? Even if you don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to yarn and hook, a few well-chosen handmade accessories will go a long way toward personalizing your abode.


A collection of projects from Mollie Makes Crochet

What’s more, handstitched home accents are the perfect way to freshen up your existing decor if it’s gotten a little tired; they also add tons of life to basic, inexpensive pieces. Go ahead and buy that boring sofa you find on sale, because all you need are a few crocheted throw pillows or one stellar afghan to make it look like a million bucks.

—Brett Bara

Mollie Makes Crochet

Crochet—a little bit retro, a little bit thrifty looking—it seems to sum up the modern handmade, homespun look we creatives love so much. You can search high and low for that just-right granny blanket, or you can go ahead and learn this enjoyable and highly addictive technique and make it yourself (we strongly advise the second option!).


Home Aegean Dreams Throw by Darla Fanton from Interweave Crochet Home

Choosing your pattern and your yarns is just as much fun as getting cozy in front of the TV for some me-time crafting. And the thrill of making something beautiful that you’ll forever feel proud of? Well, we all know you can’t beat that feeling.

—Lara Watson

Interweave Crochet Home

One day, my son had some friends over to the house. Later he told me, “So they think all the crochet around the house is cool.” I was both flattered and surprised. Crochet is so entwined in the texture of our home that it didn’t really occur to me that maybe other people don’t live this way. I got to looking around at the crochet items: a Moorish Mosaic Afghan on the couch; a granny afghan rescued from a Wyoming thrift store on the chair; crochet portraits on the wall; a raft of pillows all about; doilies on the wall; coasters on the table; even a Chain Reaction Afghan in progress. It’s everywhere. And it’s home.

—Marcy Smith


Starburst Pillow by Jill Hanratty and Doily Pillow by Doris Chan from Interweave Crochet Home

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P.S. I would love to hear about a special crochet home decor piece you have in your home.

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