Crochet Humor: 5 Things That Might Happen When You Crochet

Laugh a little. It’s amazing how a little crochet humor can go a long way. For example, you might be a crocheter when…

  • You know what yarn bombing is, and you know that it’s fantastic.
  • The phrase happy hooker makes you smile as you think about crocheting through your yarn stash.
  • You have more hooks than Captain Hook.

Having crocheted for more than 15 years, I’ve noticed a few things tend to happen when you dive into this craft. The options for this list were many, but these 5 are definitely a common thread. Come laugh with me at the fun and unique things that make us crocheters through and through.

1. Everywhere you go, you look at crocheted stuff and think, “I could probably make that.” Because there’s a high likelihood that you could make it, you won’t buy said items, and you may also never make them. But you could!

2. You find you have a built-in fidget toy. We’ve been entertaining our distractible selves by crocheting long before fidget cubes and spinners arrived. In meetings, in the car, and on the bus, our yarn and hooks are there to keep our hands busy. Especially when you have wood hooks, you can yarn over and stitch in near silence, making crochet in some cases even better than some of the noisier fidget toys. In the same vein, you also discover crocheting can help your brain and has numerous other health benefits in addition to keeping you from staring off into space during that meeting. We are listening . . . most of the time.

crochet humor

We love to take our crochet and knitting wherever we go.

3. On vacation, there’s a high likelihood we’ve researched local yarn shops we want to visit and added them to the agenda. And we’re hoping our companions will be willing to tag along. We’ve found many delightful local yarn shops along the way doing this.

4. You grow a stash. Not a mustache but a tiny word to describe a large amount of yarn we acquire to use . . . someday. Generally, we have a room or large corner dedicated to holding our stash and keeping it safe. This room is on the required list whenever we are looking for a new place to live. Battling this ever-growing stash does happen on occasion, whether it’s organizing or busting your stash. Honestly, we will use it someday. Maybe tomorrow.

crochet humor

This crochet amigurumi monster is waiting for a big hug.

5. We have an affinity for baby sheep and other tiny animals. We venture to places where we can visit them. We might choose to do this over a great many other things. As a group, we also love—and I reiterate LOVE—to turn animals into tiny crochet creatures. Amigurumi have a special place in the crochet world. If you’ve never experienced a crochet elephant, monster, doll, or a host of other animals and creatures, you have been missing out.

What has crochet done for you? Leave us a comment with the funny, heartwarming, and silly things you enjoy as a part of being a crocheter, and be sure to find a little crochet humor in your life.


Keep Your Crochet Humor!


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